Thursday, 18 March 2010

Ostara Spell Diary 6 - Incantation

For my Ostara incantation I have decided to focus especially on love and emotional expression - this being a festival of fertility. Be it the economic climate, the winter climate or a New Year that has lacked cheer these have been trying times for myself and many of the good friends around me. Hardly the right circumstances for love, romance and being open with your feelings is it? So seeing as this is also a time for new hope I thought this would work well all mixed up together. 

So for relationships that have felt the strain, this will strengthen the bond and for those looking for new love, this will lift your spirits and bring back your spark. 

Not much needed for this spell. Just an altar bell, 1 yellow candle and 1 green candle and whatever spring decorations for your altar or workspace you fancy. 

My feelings were sleeping
And now can awake
The cobwebs I’m sweeping
A clear path I make

For the love that’s within me
To move forward once more
Communication is my key
So I open the door

Ring the bell once

‘Tis ajar
I go through it
And forwards I go
My courage in hand
My words will aflow 

I give my love freely
At the chime of the bell (ring once)
And welcome it back to me
And let my heart swell

Ring the bell a 3rd time and make it nice and loud! 

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