Sunday, 28 March 2010

Mini Free Spell Series Part 5 - Full Moon Wish Spells

This is a little wish spell for the full moon that’s coming up in a few days (30th) and it is the last in my mini free spells series. Whatever you are aiming for is obviously personal to you. Feel free to spare me a little thought if you like though! ;) Full moon spells generally work best when you are working with the cycle but this is just a little one so you can relax that for now. 

All you’ll need are some moonstones, white cloth and a glass of water. 

Stand outside, or at least at an open window, so that you can catch the powers of the full moon. Place the glass of water on the cloth and place the moonstones around it. 

I bask in the beams
And send you my dreams
Oh moon as old as the earth

My wish is but swift
But I worship as my gift
Your might, your power and worth

Take a moment to picture your wish and then leave the water and moonstones to absorb the energies. The next morning, give some thanks to these energies as they do their work. 

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