Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Garlic, protection and spell symbolism

As every kitchen witch will tell you, there is so much in the every day food items around us that has power and benefit to us as natural and spiritual beings. Have you ever given much thought to garlic? Or are you not plagued by vampires round your way?

Seriously though, for something that we use so often in our cooking, I think we tend to overlook it when it comes to spell work and strengthening energies around us.

Garlic has properties of protection, purification and of warding off jealousy but there is something about the shape and structure of a head of garlic that appeals to me. It protects and grows its cloves - its goodness - individually. Each part is used and utilised when the time comes. It strikes me as another perfect example of the ingenuity and yet simple efficiency of nature.

So how can you use it? Apart from keeping it around (preferably after you have blessed it), for any of the above uses you should also consider including it as symbolic in any spell work that represents the many facets of your personality, the ways in which you have so much stored inside you that you can 'break out' and use when needed and I also think can be used for times when you need to strengthen family bonds or group ties.

Happy to hear your suggestions! BB xx

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Whispercrystal's Magic Fairground

Have you come across whisperers before? If you haven't, you may well be a little bit awkward and giggly to start with - I was. There is something unusual and out of the ordinary about someone whispering everything they say and it's bound to seem a bit comical to start with. (Maybe I'm just childish and making excuses for myself!)

But the point of them is for the purpose of relaxation and you will be surprised at how it really works. Just listen on, empty your mind and you will get so much out of it. Particularly good if you are stressed or an insomniac. I personally use them for when I have worked very late and am finding it difficult to switch off.

One of my favourites is Whispercrystal as she is known on her youtube account. She has a lovely quality in her voice, it's so very sweet. Couldn't resist sharing this one with you seeing as there are magical connections.

I almost always prepare for spell casting by meditation to clear my mind. Really considering some whisper videos to help me. What do you think?

Friday, 6 January 2012

Pagan Festivals for 2012

God, I have been SO busy lately that I started this post of Pagan Festivals for this year and then completely forgot it!! Anyways, it's never too late I guess haha!

Feb 1st - Imbolc

March 20th - Ostara

Beltane - May 1st

June 21st - Litha

1st August - Lughnasadh or Lammas

Samhain - 31st Oct

Yule - 21st Dec

Do you have a favourite? For me it would have to be Beltane as someone very special came into the world on that day. And something about Samhain just fills me with joy!