Thursday, 19 March 2009

Free Spell With A Candle!

Last time I wrote of the benefits of using spell candles. This week’s free spell is a spell that uses a candle! Is there a difference I hear you say? Well, yes albeit a nominal one. Spell candles are an excellent way to get started as the process is simple and easy to follow. But what if you have a slightly more complicated favour to ask the universe??

This candle spell guide is designed to get you thinking about writing your own spells and therefore harnessing your own energy and abilities. You achieve this in the process of charging the candle yourself and preparing it for your own needs. How? By writing your own words! You don’t get more of a free spell than one you’ve written yourself! ;)

Do you have something in mind that you would like to happen in your life at the moment? Start focusing on it as this is going to be the basis of your spell. You’re going to turn it into your statement of intent (although I will write about this in more detail in later free spells).

So if say, you want to bring love into your life, you need to write the spell around this. Here’s a very simple example to use as your basis but it is important for you to really think about doing your own as you’ll build so much more energy from it that way. So, anyway, something along the lines of:

Heart be open, heart be fair
Bring me a man who is full of care!
The traits I desire are, strong and true
Aphrodite I bow to you.

You do not have to include the name of a Goddess at this stage but it gives you focus and of course, this gives you potency and strength. In order to perform your spell, light your candle first and think of your heart’s desire. Concentrate on the flame to get yourself in the right frame of mind. Now recite your spell into the flame and let the energy flow between and around you. You may repeat your spell 3 times if you wish, or you can sit in quiet contemplation as the candle burns down.

Hope you have fun working on your spell, - more free spells coming up!
Fran xx


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