Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Free Spells - New Year's Eve Spell

Although my Yule spell was essentially a New Year's spell - based on New Beginnings - I still like to do a little something for New Year's Eve so thought I'd share it with you.

I'm a big fan of writing things down, probably because I love writing! But also because it's such a cathartic activity and can be very personal too. This is why I very often include a statement of intent in my spells.

So, for a little New Year's Eve Spell I like to write down a small list of things I want to leave behind. I then hold it over my cauldron and light it, place it in the cauldron until it is fully burned and gather the ashes.

At midnight, or as close to as is possible, I then take a handful of the ashes and walk into the garden and saying:

Without delay
Make room for the new day

Blow the ashes into the night air and pat your hands clean.

Fran xx


  1. I like this! and I will try it myself :)

  2. i have re-written this spell to cleanse all the bad in a relationship and make it pure again...

    instead of writing down all the things that you want to get rid of. write down all the problems youve had in relationship. this works very well if A. He/She is made right before new years (lol) B. If either party has been so scarred they are still holding onto the pain.

    On this dawn of a new day
    cleanse the heart and take the pain away

    as the ashes take to the wind make the love stronger and even better
    keep _your name_ and _partners name_ love stronger then ever

    As the years go buy keep this spell going strong
    So we continue to bond and our love never goes wrong.

    As we wake together let us wake as one soul
    An eternity as on is our common goal.

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