Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Yule Diary 3 - Using Red & Green in my Yule Spell

I’ve been fleshing out the colours aspect of my Yule celebrations and I’m feeling happy that I’m starting to see some shape forming - good job as it‘s just around the corner. I’m also happy that I decided to do this instead of Christmas shopping :) Here’s what I’ve come up with so far.

Using Red in a Yule Spell
Red can represent blood. This may sound a bit off-putting or icky but I like to use this symbolism from time to time to help me realise what the main driving forces in my life are - the lifeblood. It’s about recognising my strengths and realising what takes me forward. There is almost always something in everyone’s life that they can look back at with a sense of pride and excitement. It could be anything from winning a race, singing or discovering you’re really good at crosswords! It doesn’t matter what it is, it’s the fact that you realised that this is what gave you a buzz, made you feel alive and worthwhile.

So much of life seems designed to grind you down and there’s so much that we have to deal with that may not play to our strengths. Turn back to the ‘natural you’. You can achieve so much, and often so much more quickly, when you embrace your innate abilities rather than deny or belittle them. Spend some time thinking about what these memories and experiences are for you and write them down.

I’m going to be using some or all of: red paper, red candles (naturally), red ribbon, red aventurine. (Oh all right, maybe a little drop of red wine too!)

Using Green to Keep you Keen!
As for green, this gives staying power to the spell. Where red is a standing ovation on the night, green is your loyal fan! It helps you to remain hopeful and keep up your faith in those moments when you feel weak. This is why evergreens were bought into the homes of our ancestors during the bleak winter months - to remind them that more fruitful times were ahead. I don’t want my Yule spell to just be a feeling of elation on the night and a few weeks of feeling really productive. I want to see real change and continued growth.

For green, I’m thinking: green candles, holly, malachite, green apples (locally produced), green velvet.

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