Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Rynnoflight's Druid Path

Thought you might like this youtube video that was uploaded yesterday. I find her warm, sweet and engaging :)

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Free spell for learning

We all have times in our lives when we need to learn. This may or may not be related to college or formal education. In fact our whole lives are one big learning curve so being open to the lessons we need to learn at any point is always benefical and positive for us.

But it's not always easy. Often we are tired, often it's a subject or area we don't consider to be our strength or we may have had bad experiences in the past which makes us fear failure. So what can we do to open ourselves up to our full potential and let the wisdom in?

Well, how about a little spell ;) This is really simple and that makes it perfect to do whenever you feel it's necessary and even to do on a daily basis when you need to build up the energies for a set amount of time such as on a course.

You will need:
2 spell candles. I personally use orange for this as it's the colour for being fllexible and stimulation but I know of others who prefer blue. So the choice is yours.

A piece of string or ribbon

A piece of paper on which you write down the gift that you will give yourself when you make progress. Could just the be promise of a bar of chocolate, could be a holiday! This can be written at the closing down of the spell.

Light the candles and say:

The gift of knowledge I am ready for thee
I am able and so willing to learn
I am all avidness and positivity
And hope for wisdom in return

Tie the string or ribbon so that it makes a circle.

I will learn from others and pass it on
Knowledge and wisdom knows no bounds

Write down your "treat" and if you want, what your specific goals are. Fold the paper so that you can put it somewhere safe.

I am at one with my task and ready to strive for all I can be. I feel blessed for the opportunity.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Happening upon a Pagan ceremony at the Rollright Stones

As I mentioned the other day, I did my traditional Ostara walk last week, and as usual went a-strolling around the Cotswolds. On the way my friend directed me to the intriguing Rollright stones as she knew I'd be interested in these ancient, possibly Druid, relics.

The Rollright Stones

For some info on what they are all about, take a look at their website here, but basically think Stonehenge but smaller and more accessible! The local folklore apparently says that they are the petrified remains of a brave king and his knights and there are 3 separate sites to visit - the King's Knights, the King Stone and the Whispering Knights. My favourite tale of a travelling king and his men who encounter the reknowned witch, Mother Shipton who cast a spell on them and turned them to stone!

The King Stone

I am aware that the Cotswold Order of the Druids often organise events at Rollrights and that it is not uncommon for local groups to arrange ceremonies there too. So I was delighted to come across what had obviously been a very recent function and thought I'd share the pictures with you.



If anyone happens to know of the specifics of who the group were or anything to do with the event I'd be so interested to find out! The site had a lovely, clean and peaceful energy around it - absolutely gorgeous :)

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Ostara 2011 spell

Right, further to my blog post on some basic ideas for Ostara 2011, I have put together a really simple spell for energy and zest to perform for tomorrow. It is as follows:

You will need:
Fresh coffee or coffee beans.
Fresh mint
Citrine tumblestone (if you get one that is more to the browny orange range then the colours are fabulous together!)

Arrange them near to one another but not combined. I like to place them in small bowls. Say:

Spring is here
The sky is clear
Its essence remains in my soul

I carry it with me
To fuel all I can be
And help me to reach my true goal

Lightly crush the mint, in between your fingers is fine. Breath in the lovely, fresh scent. Do the same with the coffee. Then hold the citrine in your hands and close your eyes while you envisage the powerful and energetic feelings you that you will be experiencing over these glorious spring months!

Friday, 18 March 2011

Ostara 2011

Ok, we are nearly at Ostara and I haven't yet written up my suggestions although I do have an article that will be published any moment now that I will post up when it's ready :)

But Sunday is not too far away - so what am I planning to make Ostara 2011 a special one?!

I have been mainly focused on the fact that 2011 is the Chinese year of the Rabbit and that this links very nicely with the Pagan rabbit (or more traditionally, hare) at this time of year. Here are some of the plans I have made so far:

  • The rabbit in many cultures is linked to the moon. Ostara is a lunar festival and it is tradional to plant your seeds at this time of year. The full moon is actually on Saturday rather than Ostara itself and so I am planning on planting my mint on this day instead. (The herbs for Ostara are mint and thyme).
  • It is also a pretty traditional activity to take a walk and for those of us with modern lives, it's important to connect with nature whenever we can. I have been doing a Ostara walk for a few years now and did mine yesterday. It was just about the best day, weatherwise, we have had so far this year and it was glorious! I will post this up soon because we actually happened upon what was left behind from a Pagan ritual at some ancient stones!
  • The Easter Bunny that we all grew up with gave gifts to all, especially children. So I am trying to think of some appropriate gifts to the children in my family (who have everything!) and also to those who may need a little pick me up or have been through a hard time.
  • The rabbit is intuitive and so, as a tarot reader, I am going to be doing a quick tarot reading for myself as well as for a close friend of mine who asked me to take a look for her recently. You can also use a crystal ball if you like. This is always good at a full moon.
  • The rabbit is a very lively, energetic creature and I am in need of this at the moment as I have sooooo much going on! So for my Ostara spell, I am going to try and put something together (quickly) to bring about this vibrance and enthusiasm to help me leap out of bed of a morning raring to go!

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Free Spells - Money spell to help with a little bit extra

Ok, who doesn't need a bit of extra cash now and then. Or in fact anytime! I have a lot of really exciting things coming up and I would really hate to miss out on them just because I hadn't taken action to bring in a few extra bob in good time. So I am going to share a simple money spell with you so that you can try and open up the energies to let some much needed money flow your way.

Now as usual, I'm going to point out that spells and witchcraft are not about getting what you want necessarily. The universe and the self is a complicated blend and just because you want more material things in your life, it doesn't mean that this is something the universal wisdom would deem as important for you. So please do try to focus on this money spell as one of widening up your life in as many ways as possibe, a means to grow or explore and develop. It's fine to ask for help if you are in dire straights of course but my main point is, try to make sure that motives are not entirely selfish as this can affect the efficacy of what you are doing.

Also, I would like to emphasise what I say about money flowing towards you. What do I mean by this? It's about opening up the opportunities for what you want coming to you, being aware of everthing that can make the difference. This can happen in just about an infinite amount of ways but what you mustn't do is just sit back and hope that money flies into your lap!

Ok, so that said, onto my money spell. There are only two things that you need for this - a green spell candle and a penny that you found in the street! You may think that this is going to take you some time to come across. Trust me, I have never found it to take more than a few days when you keep your eyes peeled. I started this yesterday and saw a penny outside the supermarket within 3 hours :)

Light your candle and place the penny in a pot, pouch or purse to keep it safe. Then say:

Where there is one
There will be more

To greater luck
I open the door

1,2,3 or 4
Let the pennies flow to me

And each one I'll store

May I accumulate and be blessed with that which I deserve.

Don't forget to let me know if you find anything and how long it takes you!

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Ostara Events 2011, Benicia, CA

Right, next Ostara event! This one, the Witches Ball, is in Benicia, CA if you are around. You have to buy tickets in advance according to this bit of press, but I'm LOVING the idea of featuring tarot cards inside the eggs :)