Friday, 18 March 2011

Ostara 2011

Ok, we are nearly at Ostara and I haven't yet written up my suggestions although I do have an article that will be published any moment now that I will post up when it's ready :)

But Sunday is not too far away - so what am I planning to make Ostara 2011 a special one?!

I have been mainly focused on the fact that 2011 is the Chinese year of the Rabbit and that this links very nicely with the Pagan rabbit (or more traditionally, hare) at this time of year. Here are some of the plans I have made so far:

  • The rabbit in many cultures is linked to the moon. Ostara is a lunar festival and it is tradional to plant your seeds at this time of year. The full moon is actually on Saturday rather than Ostara itself and so I am planning on planting my mint on this day instead. (The herbs for Ostara are mint and thyme).
  • It is also a pretty traditional activity to take a walk and for those of us with modern lives, it's important to connect with nature whenever we can. I have been doing a Ostara walk for a few years now and did mine yesterday. It was just about the best day, weatherwise, we have had so far this year and it was glorious! I will post this up soon because we actually happened upon what was left behind from a Pagan ritual at some ancient stones!
  • The Easter Bunny that we all grew up with gave gifts to all, especially children. So I am trying to think of some appropriate gifts to the children in my family (who have everything!) and also to those who may need a little pick me up or have been through a hard time.
  • The rabbit is intuitive and so, as a tarot reader, I am going to be doing a quick tarot reading for myself as well as for a close friend of mine who asked me to take a look for her recently. You can also use a crystal ball if you like. This is always good at a full moon.
  • The rabbit is a very lively, energetic creature and I am in need of this at the moment as I have sooooo much going on! So for my Ostara spell, I am going to try and put something together (quickly) to bring about this vibrance and enthusiasm to help me leap out of bed of a morning raring to go!

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