Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Free Spells - Wicca Symbols

Wicca symbols can bring more meaning to your spells than you possibly realise. There is certainly so much history behind them, but the importance goes beyond that. The Wicca symbols represent all that you should be aiming to connect with and understanding as a witch or as someone wanting to perform spells.

There are many to go through and I will likely go into more detail about the others as they crop up in following posts. But today I’d like to go into the Wiccan pentacle as it is the core symbol and will give you a good grounding.

Used in so many rituals, the pentacle is the 5 pointed Wiccan symbol to represent earth, air, fire, water and spirit. It brings you together with the universal elements around you and calls on their power to aid you in your spell work, also asking you to give back your own spiritual energies as an offering. You are at one with the world around you and it flows back and forth; giving and receiving.

As it represents the universe around you it is often used to give protection so you can keep a pentacle on your altar as a permanent fixture, constantly providing you with assurance that you are perfectly safe. The pentacle can also be part of a spell ritual and you can include the drawing on the pentacle in the air using an wand or your athame.

One example of how to use a pentacle is in a banishing spell to rid yourself of a negative person or to stop them affecting you. Imagine a pentacle over their body or across their forehead. Imagine the pentacle with a blue, glowing radiance about it (blue also offers psychic protection) and imagine them being distanced or taken back away from you. You will feel their impact diminish.

Free Spells and lots of blessings! :)

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Free Spells - Free Love Spell For Spring

It is the time of year that thoughts turn to love (in fact that might well have happened to you a few weeks ago!) so I thought a fresh, vibrant love based free spell made for spring was in order. This is best performed on a sunny day when the air feels clear and charged. The sort of day where you can’t help but smile. This will bring all the energy you need to you in order to channel it into your spell.

You will need:
Spring flowers such as daffodils. Small bunch and preferably freshly picked.
White Candle
Lovers Tarot Card
Lavender Incense

This is is a very simple free spell and will not take much experience to perform but obviously it will become more powerful as your skills develop.

So, what you need to do is:

Arrange the flowers in water and place on your workspace and say:
“Blossom of spring
I pray that you bring
Love to make my heart joyful”

Now light your lavender incense and say:
“Air of life
You know who he be
Whisper his presence to me”

Now you need to place your tarot card in front on you and focus on the image of the lovers and visualise this happiness that love will bring to you. Light the candle in honour of the Goddess of love, Aphrodite.

“O Gods and Goddesses of eternal wisdom
I come to you to ask of your powers
That you can send me a love of special worth and joy
Let him be known to me that I might make this happen

Aphrodite I pray to you to make him true and loving
And bless him with all the temperaments that you know to be right for me
Mote it be!”

Let these thoughts and desires fill your head as you watch the candle and can smell the incense. Let this sense of occasion and excitement surround you channel this energy through to the universe. When you feel that you are at one, you may hand over your trust and allow the higher powers to do your bidding!

Good luck with this week’s free spell! See you soon.
Fran xx