Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Samhain Spell

Ok, I’ve finally managed to put together my spell for Samhain!! If you have read any of my other posts on what I was intending to focus on this year (to stop doing too many things at once), you will know that it’s ironic that the reason I have taken so long is I got distracted trying to do other things :(

Anyways, I have now got a plan! Here is what I generally do for festivals combined with some of the specifics I’ll be doing for Samhain:

1) In the morning I will light some resin incense - I’m going for resign rock copal as this will help to cleanse my energies for the day. I will then repeat the following 5 times:
To start afresh
Is my wish
I’ll change my ways
And enrich my days!

2) At about 7pm, when it’s nice and dark, I’m going to be doing some scrying to fit in with the theme of the festival. However, I will be using this in order to see what guidance comes to me rather than making a connection directly with spirit. Before hand I like to meditate in order to open up my senses and will be focusing on bringing forth insight into my potential and aptitudes. For me, scrying tends to project quick flashes of thoughts into my head. You may experience something different. I keep a notebook handy to jot anything down immediately afterwards. It’s not a good idea to write anything at the time as you will disrupt the flow.

3) Celebrate! I’m having a meal with a few friends to just be able to relax and feel in high spirits. I’ll be lighting my black and orange candles, burning incense and will be arranging a few orange and red flowers which hopefully I’ll have been able to pick up earlier in the day without too many problems!

4) Getting close to midnight I will be doing my spell. I have gone for a blue colour scheme for my altar as it helps me to relax and be fluid in my thinking. These are the energies that I want to encourage with the spell. I’ll be burning guggul to help bring about change and will have some fallen leaves to symbolise the time has come for me to enter a new cycle of life - a more productive one hopefully! I also have a small bell placed on my altar as this will help me ‘ring the changes’ in. You’ll see where it fits in. And lastly, I have placed a medal that I won years ago at the centre, to remind me that success and focus is within my reach. Personally, I always like a small personal touch to help things along. So, start with:

The time has now come
To break with old habits
To proceed with what’s worthy
Or else call it quits!

*Ring the bell once*

I value my virtues
I value my time
I seek guidance and knowledge
To begin with this chime

*Ring the bell*

Here I have prepared a hand-written statement of intent that’s a little too personal to include here. But I have composed a short, 200 or so word piece on what I feel my weaknesses are in not letting go of projects that aren’t benefiting me and also how I try to do too many things at once so can hardly tell what is likely to be successful given the chance! I will read it out at this point. Then:

I take pride in my strengths
And pray that they’re fruitful
With clarity and purpose
I’m gainful, not wasteful!

*Ring the bell three times to signify the end*

5) After the spell? Cleaning! I find it incredibly lifting to start a little symbolic sweeping and cleaning at Samhain. Seeing as my focus is getting rid of mental clutter I’m going to particularly focus on a drawer of junk that I need to sort through.

Hope you have fun celebrating in your own way - I know I'm looking forward to it!!

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