Sunday, 31 October 2010

Samhain/Halloween Spell - complete

Following on from yesterday, I have now put together the spell that I will use this evening and have now set up the altar and set aside some quiet time. If you want to know how I have gone about the arrangements of tools and ingredients, it's all in yesterday's post!

Here is the spell I will be working with:

At Samhain I'm surrounded by the echoes of the past
They chime with who I am now
The strengths and lessons I bid will outlast
The mistakes, the fears to which I'll no longer kowtow

I will all always remember, I will never forget
The kindness given to me
But to the hurt and the bad times, I owe no debt
So from its hold, I see that I'm free

I move on without burden
Through the dark days ahead
But am lightened and spurred on
For the new path I'll tread!

As mentioned yesterday, I will continue to reflect and meditate in the evenings over the next 5 days so that I do not rush such an important transition in terms of my feelings and outlook.

Hope you have a great Samhain - blessings and hugs!!

Fran xx

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Samhain/Halloween Spell - Everything but the spell

Ok, I've been working on my Samhain/Halloween spell this morning and trying to bring all of my ideas together. All that's needed is the final details on my ritual and I shall be ready for tomorrow!

I have tried to make the focus more on the smoke than the fire because of my theme of the 'ghosts' of the past and trying to move beyond them. I have selected:

Bay leaves for inspiration - this is because I feel it's important to see your way forward rather than just try to leave the past behind, leaving a complete blank where the future should be!

Boldo leaf for spiritual cleansing - an obvious one. It's about enabling yourself to let go without fears of the gaps that it leaves. It helps you to welcome the feeling of a fresh start.

Apple incense - apples have associations with Halloween obviously, but it's also about tapping into the lovely, fresh energy that apples can bring. The smell of the above herbs can be quite pungent and apple incense can cut through this nicely as it's quite sweet.

Orange and black candles - this is a traditional colour combo for candles and Samhain and I see no reason to move away from it!

Symbols - I have chosen some very personal symbols to represent the various memories and feelings that I intend to learn from, keep, or let go of. These will be placed on my altar for 5 days so that I can spend some time every day sitting on front of them and lighting candles for 5 minutes to reflect and meditate*. I will place them in the centre with my herbs and incense placed around them to both protect and fence them in. Again, it's about focus.

Of course, Samhain is very much a time of hope and strength so that we can make it through the harsh winter months. For most of us these days, this is more of an emotional matter than a physical one. But nevertheless, it's always important to take a little time at these important Sabbats to give thanks for the assistance you get in making it through and being able to enjoy the good times!

Fran xx

*some people do not like the idea of not using spell candles in one go but I don't feel it is totally a bad thing. Just make sure that you don't blow the candle out, always use a snuffer so that you hold all of the energies that you've been working with inside.

Friday, 29 October 2010

Samhain/Halloween Spell - On second thoughts!

Ok, I have been trying to think of ways to bring all of my Samhain spell ideas together and most of this has been while driving in the car - I've done a lot of this lately! It actually seems to help me think because of the movement and change of scenery. Try it!

But I've been thinking through my plans to try to work at leaving the past behind but in a way that doesn't merely ignore the issues that I need to confront. It's all about separating out the good and the bad, sifting through the memories that I have and being totally honest with myself about what is beneficial to my life and what has turned to insecurities.

So I have been trying to think of some symbols for these areas that I want to focus on. What can represent the positives and the strengths that I want to remember and hang on to, and what can similarly be used to symbolise the areas that don't serve me well and need to go. The reason that I feel this is important is because it makes you literally sit and look at what you need to do - avoidance isn't possible.

In this sense, my altar is going to look like a mini shrine! So I will be having to work with the types of symbols that I select and then explore ways to work with the right tools and ingredients or herbs to maximise the potential.

I will be getting the bulk of my work done tomorrow morning - so next post follows quickly behind this one :)

Blessings xx

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Samhain/Halloween: First thoughts

I mentioned the other day that I am going to focus on moving on from the negative aspects of the past for my Samhain/Halloween ritual - chasing the ghosts of the past away in other words! I've been giving some thought to some of the herbs that I want to use and am opting for:

Bay leaves - for inspiration
Boldo Leaf - for spiritual cleansing

Both of these burn really well and I like the visual associations between the smoke (and its whispy qualities) and the spirits of the past that I am trying to banish from my life. It also blends in well with the use of fire which I would like to make quite central to my spell too as I like the power of both vibrant light and creation and potential destruction. It brings about just the right balance.

My next thoughts are going to be around something to drive me forwards. It's easier to move on from negative aspects of the past when you have something to look forward to!

Don't forget to let me know if you are working on any ideas of your own!

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Samhain/Halloween 2010!!

Ok, I think we all know that Samhain/Halloween is a time of renewal and new beginnings. It's a wonderful time to garner these energies and make real plans for real changes in your life. But I have decided that I'm going to place a slightly different focus on my Samhain this year.

For it is also a time when the division between the two worlds of the living and the dead are weakest, when the departed are said to walk alongside us and we in turn, respect the life that they once had and their place amongst us. This is going to, in part, be the inspiration for my focus this year - the ghosts of the past and working on being able to move on wherever necessary!

Leaving the past behind is not always the sensible decision, of course. By ignoring it you often forget or fail to learn very important decisions. But repeating patterns, failing to let go of regrets and not spending enough time looking at the future though, is equally dangerous and so this is what I am going to concentrate on this year.

So, hope you join me over the next few weeks as I unfold my intentions and write my Samhain spells!