Sunday, 31 October 2010

Samhain/Halloween Spell - complete

Following on from yesterday, I have now put together the spell that I will use this evening and have now set up the altar and set aside some quiet time. If you want to know how I have gone about the arrangements of tools and ingredients, it's all in yesterday's post!

Here is the spell I will be working with:

At Samhain I'm surrounded by the echoes of the past
They chime with who I am now
The strengths and lessons I bid will outlast
The mistakes, the fears to which I'll no longer kowtow

I will all always remember, I will never forget
The kindness given to me
But to the hurt and the bad times, I owe no debt
So from its hold, I see that I'm free

I move on without burden
Through the dark days ahead
But am lightened and spurred on
For the new path I'll tread!

As mentioned yesterday, I will continue to reflect and meditate in the evenings over the next 5 days so that I do not rush such an important transition in terms of my feelings and outlook.

Hope you have a great Samhain - blessings and hugs!!

Fran xx

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