Thursday, 28 May 2009

Free Spells - A Spell for a Full Moon

Seeing as we’re coming up for a full moon soon (June 7th), I thought I would give you a few tips on how to make the best of this exciting and powerful time for magic. It is often reserved for major rituals and also for group work seeing as the moon has a very binding energy at this special time.

However, not everyone is in a position to work with others and you should not feel precluded from the fun if this is the case for you! I have included a basic spell to help you harness the moon’s power to help you fulfil a wish.

There are a few ingredients needed with this spell but you can be flexible. I find that anything white or silver works best. You will also need to check the weather in order for this spell to work as you will need a clear night with plenty of moonlight so in theory, this being summer, it is a good time of year for this to work - theory!

You will need a globe to represent the moon so a crystal ball is perfect for this. However, if this isn’t practical then you can use a crystal tumblestone. Something like snow quartz is absolutely perfect for this due to it’s lovely, pure white colour. You will also need some mineral water and a bowl, cauldron or chalice big enough to hold the globe or crystal. Fill this with the mineral water.

Take the globe in the palm of your hand and say:
I seek to hold the power of the moon in my hand
And draw its energy to me.

Place the globe in the water and say:
I see you within the water, both in representation and in reflection
I ask that you share your benevolent power with me tonight
And grant my wish.

Take a moment to see the moon’s reflection.

With the gift of your power granted and placed within the water
I accept and thank you for the honour of your visit tonight

Now sprinkle the moon water around you while visualising your wish:
I am surrounded and blessed by your gift to me
And ask that my wish is fulfilled.

Now speak your wish out loud and once again, thank the moon for sharing such a precious gift with you.

Good luck and let’s hope June 7th is a good night for witchery!

Monday, 18 May 2009

Free Spells - Spells From the Real Book of Shadows

I have been researching the concept of spells from the real book of shadows recently. This has got me thinking of how important it is to get the balance right between learning from others and creating and forging your own path in your quest to become the best witch you can be.

To briefly cover what I mean by spells from the real book of shadows - it is believed that there is an ancient text that contains old and powerful spells that can be used to great effect by the modern witch. Rather than relying on their own training and expertise, some people believe they can dip into this book and glean enough material to become powerful. Others are simply interested in finding a rich source of new ideas. So - hence the interest in spells from the real book of shadows!

Of course, it is not as cut and dried as all that. For starters, such a book does not exist in one single opus. But while such a book cannot be found, there are undoubtedly ancient spells and, very importantly, spells handed down through the generations. So the wisdom of our forbearers most definitely lives on.

So where does the balance lie? I believe it is in the meticulous use of your own, personal book of shadows. Keeping a record of the spells you perform and any effects and observations is absolutely critical and should not ever be underestimated. You can write the spells yourself or you can use another’s spell (one from my blog here is fine!) - but you should always ultimately be relying on your inner powers and instincts to adapt and learn. Note everything down in your book of shadows for future reference. If we all work together and share, one day future generations may be using spells from the real book of shadows - as written by US!

Loving blessings!

Fran x

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Free Spells - Summer Air Spell

Typical - I was going to start doing some spell work outside (and then writing about it!) but the weather hasn’t been very nice the last few days so I’m having to put this off. Never mind, there’s still lots you can do inside even if that short bout of warmth the other week has given you the urge to get into the fresh air!

I thought I would include a love spell that has a summery feel to it ( the summer is great for ‘air‘ spells) but it can be used at any time of year and therefore the ingredients can be found any season. However, one of the reasons I wanted to include it here is because it is lovely at sunset so it’s a bit easier to fit into your day when the days are long. It’s really simple and a favourite of mine but will require you to try to tune into your psychic senses J

Free Love Spell

Take 4 floral incense sticks -lavender, rose & ylang ylang are good.
A holder or ash collector for each one.
4 rose quartz tumble stones.

Line your incense sticks in front of you. Light the 1st one and recite the following:

“I whisper into the air, to open up the path to my future”

Light the 2nd and say:

“I whisper into the air, to bring forth my one true love to me”

Light the 3rd:

“I whisper into the air, to now open my heart to believe”.

Light the 4th stick:

“I whisper into the air, and ask his/her name be whispered back”.

Concentrate for a while and observe swirling of the smoke before you. Focus hard, using it as a divination tool much the same as you’d use a crystal ball or scrying mirror. Look beyond the smoke and then allow any images, noises or signs to filter through to you. Gather all the information in your mind in order to put together an image or general sense of your future special someone.

Now line up the crystals one by one alongside your lit incense sticks. Imagine each one to be creating the path to your door and to your heart. Now you have opened the connection to him or her, you are now calling them to you and inviting them into your life.

You may find that you dream of someone later on that evening so it can help to keep notes of any extra details that you pick up!