Thursday, 29 July 2010

Free Spell - Lammas/Lugnasadh

Ok, August the 1st is nearly here and I haven't had much time to prepare anything at all. But it doesn't mean that I don't intend to have a great time on Sunday! Here are some ideas for you if you are wanting to enjoy the last of the warm witch's sabbats :)

  • This is a time for bread and baking, so if you are so inclined and talented, now is the time to start planning your feeding festivities! I know some people like to prepare and freeze the dough but I'm not really an expert is this field so you wouldn't want to take advice from me on this!
  • Continuing with the food theme, the obvious option is to bring in summer fruits. Berries are a favourite of mine and bring a lot of colour to your home or altar too. If you can keep your hands off them for that long ;)
  • It's still summery and so the colours need to be orange, yellows and golds. But there are some greens coming in too. You may want to decorate your altar with citrine, green aventurine, tiger's eye and carnelian.
  • Decorate with flowers too. Sunflowers are often used but anything that you feel drawn to and sums up your mood is good.
  • If you are able to, also spend the day and or evening with some really good company. Because this is the last of the summer sabbats, I always feel it important to make the most of that happy, relaxed atmosphere and good friends always bring that with them.
As for the spell, I'm not going to do anything too complicated because I will not have the time to prepare. But Lammas/Lugnasadh is a time of abundance and gratitude so - these being qualities I can really appreciate! - I will be turning to an adaptation from an older spell of mine. This helps you to value what you have in your life and to hang on to the feelings and the benfits for as long as possible, despite going into the winter months soon.

I recommend you doing this after you have eaten and are at a comfortable body temperature. You shouldn't really try this with a feeling of need as it would not be fitting to the festival spirit.

All you will need, other than your chosen decorations, are some coins or some kind of harvest (such as your fruits). Place them in front of you or at the centre of your altar.

I receive this abundance
That blesses my day
This gift will enhance
And for more will make way

So the season'll move forward
The year will turn round
But this bounty stays with me
It's strength I have found!

If you have any plans for your own Lammas celebrations by the way, I'd love to hear from you! Have a good one :)

Friday, 23 July 2010

Free Spell - Rosemary and self esteem

When you've been busier than a busy thing, there's only one thing you can do - get busy! Alas, this has taken me away from my beloved blog lately but I'm still trying to think of ideas - guides to spells for beginners, Lammas etc. 

So while I've got 5 minutes, I wanted to quickly post a quick free spell while I'm here! I have been working with someone who can be a little draining on other's energies, particularly by being unnecessarily critical. While I don't really take on board what she says, because I am hearing a lot of these comments, it can be quite wearing and the repetitiveness of them may put my self esteem in danger of being knocked. 

So I have been carrying an home-made pouch of rosemary with me to ward off any potential harm. I love rosemary for protection. I must warn you that you only need a small amount though, and I've been keeping mine tucked away in my bag or drawer. You don't really want people thinking you smell of strange herbs! 

You can wrap some dried rosemary in just about anything (tights/pantyhose/stockings will do!) and then give it a little blessing:

My soul is secure
My strengths are preserved
The real me will endure
I will receive what's deserved

Pocket your pouch and keep it with you or around when needed for the rest of the day. If you need it again the next, or another day, then make sure you make a fresh pouch up. Burn the existing rosemary or scatter it outside. I like to say:

Today's woes BEGONE!

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Portrayals of witchcraft and girl power!

This article on witchcraft in films seems to have upset a few of the commenters, but I must admit, I didn't find anything to be too angry about. It wasn't very factual but it is more of a film review after all! Those who care to know the facts about witchcraft and spells will, I'm sure, go elsewhere for their info. Why, this blog itself may help lol!

But I do happen to agree with the idea that witchcraft has increased in its appeal due to a burgeoning sense of power and respect both for and within women themselves. The power, traditionally speaking, that women seek is for fairness, justice, to help others and to fight back oppression. It's not lust for destruction, it's for creation and happiness. So I can see why witchcraft helps cinema to portray this side of women. 

Of course, the spells and magick element are ridiculous. But I actually don't see the harm it it for the most part. I enjoy the excitement that a little fantasy brings and because it's of personal interest to me, I enjoy indulging in their version of what I might secretly like to do myself! I'm talking nice things only of course, I have no secret desires to turn anyone into a frog ;)

Friday, 2 July 2010

Free Spells - Sun Spell

I don't know what the weather is like where you are (stating the obvious somewhat there!) but here it's been absolutely glorious :) And I am most certainly solar powered, the sun gives me energy and enthusiasm like nothing else. So this is not a spell to bring out the sun, but more about using its powerful vibrations and energies to stoke up your own potency. 

You will need:

A sun representation (I have a mirror which I just love)
Red, yellow or orange candles. Or all 3 if you fancy. 

O, sun how you radiate such power and such calm
Your warmth and light to all life is a balm
As you glow and shine, I seek to develop
Your qualities of strength and giving I'll envelop

I breath in your warmth (deep breath)
And let doubts go (breath out)
We are as one

Thursday, 1 July 2010

I forgot my video of the Museum of Witchcraft!!

It's a bit quiet but I took this little video because I just liked the atmosphere of this room. I wasn't the only one who stood there for about 5 minutes! If only there were sweet, little old wise women in every village still today :)