Friday, 6 November 2009

Under the Weather?

Swine flu has hit my family :( Fortunately so far everyone has been fine, albeit pretty poorly and feeling grotty. From what I’ve read, it could be a lot worse.

So I wanted to include a spell here for all of you who are also suffering but first, I must make it clear that there are no spells that can cure illness. This spell is more about trying to cleanse your energies, to allow your inner strength to build and to make the path clear for fresh, positive energies.

All you will need is a black candle, a red candle, two pieces of clear quartz and a container of water. The black candle represents the low, clouded energies within you, the red is for bringing vibrancy back and the clear quartz will be reflecting you between your two states of being. And don’t worry if you are not feeling up to much, it’s very simple and quick to do!

Place the black candle to the left, the clear quartz in the middle and the red candle on the right. Light the black candle first and say:
My energy is depleted
My spirit is low

Pick up one piece of clear quartz, place in the palm of your hand but with your hand flat. Look at it to see the reflections of the flame in the stone. Watch and conjure the image of your low energies - both from the candle and emanating from yourself - being absorbed into the stone. Then place the crystal into the water to both hold and surround your depressed energies. Put it to one side and extinguish the black candle.

Now light the red candle, saying:
My energy restored
My spirit as new

Again, take the second piece of clear quartz in the palm of your hand and allow the vital energies to both reflect and combine. Try to feel it embrace and encompass you. It helps to have the visual sign of the candle flame reflecting I always feel. You will then want to hold on to the crystal in order to absorb the positive energies you’ve just created. So keep it with you, be it putting the crystal in your pocket or taking it back to bed with you!

When you are done, make sure that you pour the water away down the sink to wash it away and take it from your life. This simple spell can be done over the number of days that you are ill as it only need take 5 minutes at a time.

Hope this helps to life you and your loved ones!

I just want to add that originally I tried doing this with only the one piece of quartz and tried to have all of the changes in the energies happening in one crystal. I soon gave up on this and recommend using 2 pieces if you can.


  1. I wish all of these spells would work I so want to be a wizard with magical powers forever

  2. Hello Alex,

    Thanks for your comment! While it's great to have a passion and enthusiasm for magick, it's also very important to be realistic about what it really means and can achieve. It doesn't always work the way it's portrayed in fiction or on the TV - and I'm not sure I'd like the responsibility if it did! Magick/witchcraft is as much about practise, dedication and (importantly) respect for the laws of nature as it is the fun elements.

    Fran xx

  3. Hi in my country witches are called albularyo, Im a bit anxious of what I am My family runs the blood of Babaylan (you can search that). When i was reading your natural witch characteristics it was like reading fictional books but when I read numbers 4 or 3 till the end I have goosebumps because when the moon is full I am excited cant sleep a bit weary and can't explain my feelings and i am always drawn by water and nature I dont know how and why Im a city boy and couldn't careless of the trees but the feeling is weird when I'm surrounded by nature even 1 tree its kinda bit of a home feeling and the at the same thing I have a feeling that theyre something inside