Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Follow on from my Samhain Spell!

If you read my blog earlier on, you will know that over Samhain my aim was to try and get more focus into my life and wrote a spell to help with this. I’ve been working on a follow up so that I ensure this doesn’t slide. This is something that I like to do regularly for major spells or rituals and I can recommend it. It only need be something simple but it can keep things fresh.

As I prefer to work intuitively, this is a method that works well for me. By no means feel that you need to emulate this at all. Go with what feels right for you!

So, this is my simple ‘top up’. I don’t want it to be too complex as I have already put a lot into this at Halloween and in fact asked for a lot of positive energies to come my way so I don’t want to ask for too much! I am using clear quartz crystals, astragalus (the herb) and yellow candles as all of these represent clarity and confidence. I have written a list of some of the goals I want to focus on in the coming months also so this will be in my mind as I work.

I place the astragalus into the cauldron (a bowl will do) and then light 4 yellow candles around it. I place the clear quartz in my hands and say the following 5 times:

My mind is my rock
On its strength I rely

I pour a little water into the cauldron with the herb and then repeat the above once. Then place the stone into the middle of the cauldron and take the time to think over all of the things I need to achieve.

I then like to keep the charged quartz by my bedside overnight as it helps me get me invigorated raring to go for the next day!

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