Saturday, 24 January 2009

A belated free love spell - but in time for Valentines's Day!

After talking about wiccan names and meanings in my last post, I haven’t managed to get round to posting any free spells since! Really sorry, but hopefully I can make up for it this week with a free spell for everyone’s favourite subject. Yep - a love spell!

This is a popular basic free spell and you will come across a few different versions of it. This, to my mind, is the most successful version of it, and I have changed a few elements based on my experience.

This free spell is done with a pink spell candle but if you don’t have one, a rose quartz crystal really powers up feelings of love so try and get hold of one if you can. Instead of sitting in front of the candle you can place the crystal in front of you.

For the free spell, you will need to take 3 ribbons or pieces of cord. These can be 3colours that mean the most to you, or that you associate with love - such as pink, purple and/or red.

If you have a pink candle, light it and braid your ribbons together while at the same time thinking of the love of your life or just love in general. Tie a knot at the top of the ribbons. When you get to the middle, tie another knot and think hard about your need to find love. Continue braiding until you get to the end and then tie another knot.

Focus on the candle for a while and hold the ribbons in the palm of your hand, trying not to break the concentration.
When you are done, carry the braided ribbons around with you for 3 days. If you are able and have enough left, light the candle again in the evenings and continue to combine your energies into bringing you love. (If you are using the rose quartz, carry that with you along with the ribbon).

So, what are you waiting for?? Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Hope you liked this free spell. I’m planning on including a free spell that you can do with tarot cards next time so hope you come back and check it out.

Fran xxx


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