Monday, 28 September 2009

Spells and the Freedom to Make Mistakes

In case you hadn’t guessed, I bungled a spell the other day! I was feeling a bit tired and it was one of those days when everything you say comes out as gobbledegook. And yet I felt really good about my spell afterwards and the energies around me really picked up after my error. Why? Because I laughed my way through! :)

This may seem a bit bizarre if you are a beginner or if you are just getting into spell casting as you will inevitably be concentrating really hard on getting the words right or building up atmosphere. But I’m going to share a secret with you - atmosphere can be built up from just about any emotion! If you laugh at yourself then you are creating one of the most powerful energies both around and within yourself.

For me the other evening, I doubt I would have got too much further forward with my spell on account of me feeling pretty flat; I was just not connecting enough. By making a silly mistake I suddenly got the rush of joy and I was back on track!

So my advice to you is don’t be too precious with your spells or rituals. As nature changes and flows so do your emotions so go with them and enjoy the unexpected results they can bring.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

A Spell for Contented Love

Free Love Spell

This is a strange time of year weather wise (for those of us living in the UK anyway!). One minute you’ve got wind and rain and a chill in the air that feels like winter, the next you have a day like today that felt like a glorious, warm summer’s day. For those who like to be seasonal with their spells it can pose a bit of a challenge - you don’t know what spells to choose any more than you know what to wear!

Personally I love it. I get a real buzz from the constant changes and love to try and go with the flow as I like the reminder that we need to be constantly changing - embrace the earth around us. This is a real basic spell for you and something you might like to try now as the evenings are still light for a while. Right now I find about 7pm to be the best time. It’s also best on an evening when there’s no rain but there is a slight breeze, preferably rustling the trees. It’s a love spell, but one dedicated to contentment and stability - the excitement may have died down, but your searching is over and you want to keep this love close to you. But it’s not a serious spell; consider it be the same tone as a happy sigh! Enjoy.

You will need a yellow candle, cut down and placed in something that will protect it from blowing out. A jam jar will do.

Find a quiet place to sit outside and light your candle. Look upwards to any clouds in the sky and note the patterns and movements - this is about appreciating this precise moment in time, soaking it in. Then say:

Gentle breeze
Let time freeze
This precious moment of mine.

This moment that holds
The truth of my heart
Bind us forever in time.

Now breath in, think of the object of your affections and smile!

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Elemental Magic Spells

Free Spells - Elemental Magic Spells

I haven’t been able to update the blog for ages, lots of things going on at the moment. Some good, some troublesome! But I’ve really missed writing so I’m keen to get back to posting as often as possible :)

Anyways! Recently I have been writing a lot about fire spells and so have been thinking quite a bit about elemental magic spells in general and how much of a staple type of spell they are. I think all witches should have some handy and know how to use them. They are great for testing your skills and helping you learn how to really feel the forces of nature that we work with all the time.

If you are a beginner and not familiar with elemental magic spells, they are spells or rituals that gain their energy and power from the main universal elements of air, fire, water and earth. Each element has a unique gift to offer and can be incorporated into your spell work or can also be the core aspect.

Here are some simple suggestions to get you thinking on how you can use them:

Fire Spells

Fire is a destructive and yet beautiful energy that frightens and beguiles us in equal measure. Fire spells can therefore be great for banishing spell work as you can enjoy literally watching the negativity in your life go up in flames!

Air Spells

Gentle and cleansing, air spells can also make excellent banishing spells as you can blow away your problems in the wind. Take some herbs and as part of your spell, simply blow them from the palm of your hand.

Water Spells

These spells can be flexible and calming. They are great for unblocking any obstacles in your life and development by allowing things to go with the flow once more.

Earth Spells

Great for ‘down to earth’ matters such as money. Use natural ingredients such as herbs, flowers or even twigs that you find on the ground.

I hope to be able to focus more on each type of spell over the next few weeks so hope this gets you thinking and catch up soon!


Fran x