Friday, 26 February 2010

Out With the Old and In With the New - Job Spell

I’ve chosen this spell for today as there has been a spate of job losses around me lately and it is something that is sadly universal. It can be such a distressing and frightening time that a little mystical help can really help set you on a new path and help you deal with the trauma. This spell is as much about dealing with the loss, accepting it, as it is about directing you forwards, although obviously the two are intertwined.

You will need:
Ribbon or string
An item from your old job - could be a desk weight or even a photo copy of your old contract!
A pile of coins
A box or something big enough to store the old work item in.
Scissors for cutting.

If you can place the ribbon under the weight of your old work item then do so, with the other end placed under the coins. If not, just rest it in place so that it symbolically joins the two. Say:

My experience is integral
To who I am now
To value it is vital
Fond thoughts I allow

But the past will not bind me
It is time to let go
I divide us, and am free
Adrift with the flow

Cut the ribbon with the scissors and then place the old item in a box and place it out of sight. Draw the money towards you and say:

Prosperity I draw you
Into my world
My faith I’ll anew
The future’s unfurled!

With this, you will need to lay out the coins in an arc shape but with the outer corners sloping upwards (much like a smile shape!) so that you are able to draw in energies and to capture the good fortune you have just invited into your life.

You may need to cast this spell a few times in order to really work through your feelings and truly let go of the past.

Fran xxx


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