Monday, 8 February 2010

Free Love Spells - Valentine’s Series!

Are you feeling all ‘loved up’? All ready for the most romantic night of the year, Valentine’s Day?! Assuming your answer is the same as everyone else’s that I’ve come across, ie. no, then I’m going to be posting some spells over the course of this week to help fan the flames of your ardour!

The tradition of Valentine’s Day goes back to Pagan times and was named Lupercalia by the Romans. You won’t be surprised to know that it was a fertility celebration and ran from 13th to 15th February. Its focus was spring, young love and match-making.

My first love spell, therefore, is going to be a simple spring flower charm that I think is in keeping with the Pagan origins. It’s for when you are wanting to bring a new love into your life rather than strengthening an existing one.

All you’ll need is a small bunch of spring flowers (such as daffodils or crocuses), some blue poppy seeds and white ribbon. The white ribbon is for you to tie the flowers together with, which you can do before you get started.

Gently grind the poppy seeds (you only need the tiniest amount, say 3 or 4 seeds) and then sprinkle the dust over the flowers, saying:

O flowers of spring
Be my guide

What love will you bring?

To make me a bride!

Keep the flowers with you all day, be it in your home, work place or bringing them for a ride in the car! Be particularly aware of connections that you make during the day - people that you meet or friends of friends that are discussed. This little charm will help you draw in love possibilities - it’s then up to you get wooing ;)

Fran xx

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