Friday, 12 February 2010

Free Love Spells - Valentine Series No. 5

This is the last of my Valentine’s love spells and is for relationships that are going through a tough time or for if you’ve had a big row. The problem or argument may well be long behind you but sometimes it is really difficult to let go and you can’t stop yourself from bringing it all back up again. This can be because the negative energies are still around you and are interfering with you being able to move on. This is not about running away from issues that need to be worked on of course, but more about liberating yourselves from something that is done and should be dusted!

So send these feelings on their way by burying them away from you. Take something that represents the feelings you’ve been having. Is it jealousy? Choose something green. A difference of opinion? Maybe cut out a picture that represents the issue. Place the object in an envelope and seal it. Say:

Our combined love is big
This problem is small
A hole I will dig
It’ll be gone once and for all!

Take the envelope into the garden or somewhere where you can bury it. As you pat the earth flat, start to allow positive thoughts come to you. If you later find your thoughts drifting back to the spot where you’ve placed these negative energies, it may be necessary to plant something nice nearby it or perform a very lively and happy ritual nearby it to replace associations. Keep working at it until you win!

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