Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Mini Free Spells Series Part 2 - Apple Pips Spell

I might have mentioned before that my friend is from an apple farming family - not relevant to you I know but it does mean that I  get an almost endless supply of apples and invariably they end up in my spells! She bought the last of the cooking apples over the other day and so I’ve been doing a little baking today and have apple pips left over. 

There are a few reasons that I would use apple pips: job interviews, love spells, cash flow problems. Anything where you can picture the results you want. You may want adapt the simple spell below for your own needs by including a few words to make it that bit more relevant. However, the main purpose of it is to give to the earth in order to receive a little something back. I don’t dictate, any help is always appreciated! If there is a number associated with your goal, such as there being 4 days until the interview, then count out this many pips. 

These seeds of esprit
I return to the ground
I look forward with glee
To what comes round!

Bounty, beauty, substance and growth
To cherish your gift, I give you my oath. 

Take the pips and then scatter them outside with humble acknowledgement of the help you will receive back. 

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