Thursday, 18 March 2010

Ostara Spell Diary 5 - The Walk (With Pics!!)

Yesterday was the day for my traditional Ostara walk and, tired and a bit snuffly though I was, (I've got a cold) we couldn't have had a better day out! We headed off to the Cotswolds which, for those of you who are not familiar, is one of the most beautiful areas of England. It has rolling hills, country walks and lots of sheep! In other words, it was made for a spring stroll. 

Don't worry, I'm not going to give you a blow by blow account of everything we saw - and I shall definitely keep the details of our chattering to myself! So briefly, we started here in the exquisite village of Swinbrook:

As you can see from my picture at the top, no daffodils are out as yet which is down to all the late snow we've had but nevertheless, other flowers were and there were snowdrops everywhere - I salute their hardiness! But for those with a daffodil obsession, the bottom pic is what this spot will look like when the daffs come out. No magic involved, I just Googled it!

Within minutes we came across our first field of sheep and there were a handful of new born lambs stumbling and quivering. It was lovely! But we didn't want to get too close and make the mothers nervous so I've helpfully pointed out the dot in my photo that happens to be a lamb:

We walked to Burford which is as catwalk model level pretty as the rest of the region:

And failed to resist afternoon tea in the wonderful Huffkins. I like to justify this decision on the basis that the ingredients are fresh and wholesome and definitely in keeping with festival celebrations!

We also rooted around a few little shops and I've picked up some cute decorations for my Ostara altar and of course, collected some twigs, leaves & interesting stones for future use/inspiration in my spells. 

Hopefully I'll have my incantation ready for later on today or tomorrow.

Fran x

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