Thursday, 11 March 2010

Easter/Ostara Diary 2

Right, I’ve been head spinningly busy over the last week and so I haven’t been able to update my Ostara ideas - and figured I’d better get a wriggle on! So…

…ideas for Ostara:
  • Plant seeds - I’m going for basil, mint and parsley.
  • Ring bell - I often like to include a bell for times when change is important
  • New hope - I want to draw in lively, fresh energies. Without them hope isn’t so possible.
  • Yellow and green candles - colours of spring. Ostara is a solar festival so fire is important.
  • Walking - regardless of the weather, I have a walk planned! This is to give me the opportunity to take in the season’s change and to see the evidence in nature around me.
More to follow!

Blessings xx

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