Monday, 15 March 2010

Ostara Spell Diary 4 - The Wiccan Altar Bell

I mentioned before that I will be using an altar bell in my Ostara spells and rituals and it’s something I like to include in spells that are about new beginnings or new hope. This is because there is something so charming about the combination of sharpness and beauty in the sound and it really grabs your attention. Bells are also used to alter the vibrations around you and so this is why they are great for bringing in changes. 

You don’t need to go mad with your bell ringing though. However much you might need change in your life, you don’t want to stand there flinging it about like a woman possessed! One chime is usually good for completing a section of a spell, 3 ends it nicely. 

I’m thinking of writing a spell that not only includes a bell ring in it but also one that has it as part of the pace and the rhythm. I may come to regret this decision!

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