Friday, 26 March 2010

Mini Free Spell Series Part 4- Social Confidence Spell

It seems to me that there are very few people who wouldn’t describe themselves as shy. Even those who I view as extroverted confess to having doubts about themselves deep down and worry about what others think. So seeing as this is a problem that affects us all at some point, I thought I would include an adaptation of a social confidence spell I have used in the past. It can be done just before you set off to a party or even if you are meeting a bunch of people that you want to impress. 

All you’ll need are 2 yellow candles and some carnelian tumblestones. Not only are there great confidence boosting energies coming off these items they are also a fantastic colour combination too. 

I am standing tall
I am smiling with pride
I am equal to all
And have nothing to hide

Candle, you’re ablaze
To symbolise my glow
The energies I raise
To make it so

Take a piece of carnelian with you and touch it if you feel uncertain. The energies of your true potential are locked inside and will give you some gentle encouragement. 

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  1. where would i just get carnelian?
    whould any other special stone type work?