Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Ostara - Anything's Possible!

Well bless my soul, haven’t the evenings suddenly got lighter!? Maybe it hasn’t come as such a shock to you but I just noticed it yesterday and it gave me a real warm feeling and a pang of excitement. It means that spring is nearly here! And of course with this comes Ostara - heading this way on March 20th. I’m going to do another series of diary entries as it helps me to plan out my thoughts better and I really enjoy doing them :) So, here are my general thoughts (and a few facts) so far.

  • Colour of Ostara - yellow
  • Flowers and herbs - daffodils, honeysuckle, sage, thyme, violet and mint
  • The Goddess of this time is, funnily enough, Ostara.
  • Concentrate on spells of new hope (which are distinct from the new beginnings spells of Yule). This is about starting to feel anything is possible, to really feel the power within.
  • The egg and the hare - needless to say! These can be part of your rituals directly or just used symbolically to help you with the right mood and tone. Or have fun with activities like painting rune signs onto the eggs!
  • It’s a time of fertility. Can be for the conception of new ideas if you are not looking to get pregnant.
  • You may have noticed that I’m a great fan of rhyming spells and this is because I feel it gives a buzz and a momentum to the spell in itself. And why work harder than you have to, is also my motto! But if you don’t normally go for rhymes, I recommend it this time of year. It is playful and almost childlike in its innocent joy and this will give your Ostara spell the right feel.

So, all I need now is a focus for all my ideas!

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