Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Garlic, protection and spell symbolism

As every kitchen witch will tell you, there is so much in the every day food items around us that has power and benefit to us as natural and spiritual beings. Have you ever given much thought to garlic? Or are you not plagued by vampires round your way?

Seriously though, for something that we use so often in our cooking, I think we tend to overlook it when it comes to spell work and strengthening energies around us.

Garlic has properties of protection, purification and of warding off jealousy but there is something about the shape and structure of a head of garlic that appeals to me. It protects and grows its cloves - its goodness - individually. Each part is used and utilised when the time comes. It strikes me as another perfect example of the ingenuity and yet simple efficiency of nature.

So how can you use it? Apart from keeping it around (preferably after you have blessed it), for any of the above uses you should also consider including it as symbolic in any spell work that represents the many facets of your personality, the ways in which you have so much stored inside you that you can 'break out' and use when needed and I also think can be used for times when you need to strengthen family bonds or group ties.

Happy to hear your suggestions! BB xx