Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Free Spell - Snow Spell (for transformation and unblocking)

We have more snow here in the UK! However, much as I adore the snow I could do without it to be honest - all the snowmen are great and everything but I’m fed up with every trip to the shop becoming a trial of nerves! However, being one to look on the bright side, I remembered a spell I had done last year that will fit nicely into my recent drive for change so I’m going to give it a go this evening. It’s really quick and simple so there’s no need to spend ages preparing.

The basis of the spell is to unblock whatever is holding you back from achieving what you want to do. As snow melts, it converts back to water and is able to flow freely once more - I’m sure you can see the symbolism.

You’ll need:
Some snow!
A bowl
Pen and paper

Fetch yourself a nice bowlful of the freshest, most untouched snow you can lay your hands on and bring it inside immediately. Say:

Snow, as you melt
I too will reform
My ambition is heartfelt
I am free to perform!

As the snow is melting, take this time to write down all of the things that hold you back from achieving what you want to at the moment. Next to each one, draw an arrow to its right and then jot down what you want to be, have or accomplish. So basically you’ll have 2 columns, one of the blocks, one of the goals.

By the way, just because the words of the spell are ambition and perform, don’t assume this is all about career or business ventures. Far from it, this is simply about removing blocks from your life and turning inaction into action so that you can move closer to what you want. This could work for love, rebuilding friendships, gaining money - whatever you feel you need help with at the moment.

Bright (snow-covered) Blessings!
Fran xx

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  1. As the snow is falling heavily here in Central France I think this spell is perfect! Have borrowed the spell for my FB page and referred to your blog for more info. Loved it - thanks very much.