Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Are Black Magik Spells Ever Acceptable?

The simplest answer to this controversial and hotly debated question is NO. I certainly never go anywhere near them and strongly advise anyone else to avoid them also. But often in this debate, it is said that to ignore this aspect of witchcraft is to be naïve and unrealistic about life as a whole. As much as the world we live in is a beautiful, bountiful and benevolent it can be ugly, cruel and tough. In ignoring this we ignore potential dangers around us and possibly even the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves. And the sad fact is - bad people exist.

So for this reason, some argue that it is possible to perform black magik spells for good reasons. The Good Witch can offer protection for the weak by trying to deal with someone causing harm to others. To match the strength and the power of the ‘bad person’ you have to match like with like.

I don’t agree but I understand what they are saying. That witchcraft isn’t a separate entity, it exists within the same universe as everyone and everything else, drawing from the same energies. It encompasses all. In a society, we use the justice system to deal with those who break the law and hurt others while often taking tough measures to do this. In other words, it is all for the greater good.

But as a society do we not attempt to maintain principles? Someone may be found guilty of assault but we do not assault them back as a form of punishment - we would consider this barbaric. And this is where my views lie on black magik. You should NEVER reduce yourself to the level of your enemy.

There are very few witches who would be strong enough to consider this, it should never even be contemplated by anyone who doesn’t know what they are up against. Being humble is an incredibly important part of developing yourself as a witch and you must never believe yourself to have total control or be infallible. You blend, channel and work with the energies and become more adept with practice. But always be careful with what you unleash.

If you perform a spell out of hatred or spite then these are the energies that you are channelling and they will become part of you. Better to look to the light and celebrate the strength of love and protection.

Love, light and bright blessings!

Fran xxx

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