Saturday, 30 January 2010

Spells for Beginners

I’m often asked by people who have a passing interest in trying witchcraft - where do you start, what are good spells for beginners? My stock response is usually ‘anywhere you like, just keep it fun, keep your intentions pure and just about any spell can be used by the beginner.’ The trouble is, you’ll not discover that this is true until you have a little more experience under your belt! I’m a fan of simple spells anyway and I don’t think there are many on my blog here that couldn’t be classed as good spells for beginners. The problem stems more from just how huge an area of knowledge spell casting is. It can be completely overwhelming in terms of information, choice, tools & ingredients, where you gain your powers from.

You will work out the answers to these questions just the same way you work out how to go about a new job or a hobby. It’s a mixture of trying spells, seeing what happens, looking up answers when it doesn’t go according to plan! So essentially, any spell is a suitable spell for a beginner if you persevere.

But I understand how difficult it is and so here is a beginner’s spell that I often recommend because a) it doesn’t require much in the way of ingredients b) it’s simple and easy to follow and c) it’s a love spell and everyone loves those!

Spell for Beginner

You will need:

4 floral incense sticks (lavender, rose or ylang ylang are good)
Holder or ash collector for each stick

Line the holders in front of you. Then take the first incense stick, light it and place it in the nearest holder, saying:
I whisper into the air, to open up the path of my future

Light the second stick saying:
I whisper into the air, to bring forth my one true love to me

Light the third:
I whisper into the air, to now open my heart to believe

And at the forth, say:
I whisper into the air and bid his/her name be whispered back.

I like this spell as it draws on psychic abilities too. I find that the power comes from looking into the swirling smoke and seeing what visions or messages come to you. You may find them to be very specific to the person you have in mind, you may not. Jot down anything that comes to you along with any changes that you notice over the following week. If you don’t feel much is happening, don’t force it. Try again in a few days time.

And if you want more spells for beginners, please check out my links on the right hand side - they’re all free :)


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  4. Hmm... I think I'll try the spell. Do you have any spells that give you fairy wings? I really love flying, and I love beauty. I think wings are the perfect combonation of both. :D