Sunday, 17 January 2010

Free Spell - Build Momentum Spell Part 3

Part 1 is here and part 2 can be found here

Momentum spell part 3 is for about half way though. It is for the time when you feel you are waning a little, that you have maybe reached a block and seem to be avoiding getting on with what you’re supposed to!

At this point I use a very simple and short ‘mini’ spell. I put some basil into my cauldron (any inflammable bowl will do) and burn it. You may need to light it a few times but this is part of building up the relevant energies here. Basil is also wonderful for any fire energies that you need as it has a wonderful crackle and fizz to it so it will really help to get your enthusiasm back.

Always focus on your project and you can recite some words if you like. I’m always too distracted by way it burns so I don’t feel it is necessary!

Fran xx

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