Friday, 26 February 2010

Out With the Old and In With the New - Job Spell

I’ve chosen this spell for today as there has been a spate of job losses around me lately and it is something that is sadly universal. It can be such a distressing and frightening time that a little mystical help can really help set you on a new path and help you deal with the trauma. This spell is as much about dealing with the loss, accepting it, as it is about directing you forwards, although obviously the two are intertwined.

You will need:
Ribbon or string
An item from your old job - could be a desk weight or even a photo copy of your old contract!
A pile of coins
A box or something big enough to store the old work item in.
Scissors for cutting.

If you can place the ribbon under the weight of your old work item then do so, with the other end placed under the coins. If not, just rest it in place so that it symbolically joins the two. Say:

My experience is integral
To who I am now
To value it is vital
Fond thoughts I allow

But the past will not bind me
It is time to let go
I divide us, and am free
Adrift with the flow

Cut the ribbon with the scissors and then place the old item in a box and place it out of sight. Draw the money towards you and say:

Prosperity I draw you
Into my world
My faith I’ll anew
The future’s unfurled!

With this, you will need to lay out the coins in an arc shape but with the outer corners sloping upwards (much like a smile shape!) so that you are able to draw in energies and to capture the good fortune you have just invited into your life.

You may need to cast this spell a few times in order to really work through your feelings and truly let go of the past.

Fran xxx

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

A Bit of Support For the Witches!

I saw this on the Guardian website yesterday and was delighted to see some much needed support for witches! Alongside the descriptions of what we might call as the more "eccentric" amongst us, there were some really good points made about how we are not merely harmless but in fact are strong advocators of the green and ecological movements.

I'm not sure I'd go as far as to say that we "often" perform spell work naked though!

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Psychic Energies in Witchcraft

I wanted to touch upon a subject that I feel is possibly a little overlooked in witchcraft and spell work, or even more possibly assumed that the reader already knows about. But it was something that I didn’t really fathom until I’d been working with spells for a while. Maybe I’m just slow to catch on!

I work with tarot cards and have had psychic experiences since I was a child. But when I started to do spells, I struggled to connect with the necessary energies and everything felt a little flat. I realise now (much like when I was searching for my passport last week) that I was searching in the wrong place - that I had an in fact had already developed all I needed but wasn’t utilising it.

I believe that everyone is psychic to one degree or another and it is just a matter of tapping into how you are able to channel or express these energies. My strongest area is to go on instinct and work with emotions. I know others who are very visual and get images sent to them. The key factor is to recognise what is happening to you for what it is. You need to try and stop fears or your worries of the moment taking over as these can make you feel that your psychic senses are on alert when in fact you are just very emotional.

My psychic energies feel to me to be coming from a different place. I can almost locate the area of my brain that has leapt into action. If I then tune into this and concentrate I can feel like I am in a totally different state of being. By working with it as much as possible and testing myself I have now built up faith in my abilities.

So how can you develop this yourself and use it in your witchcraft?

Principally, practise. I use meditation to clear the mind of all distractions so that I can connect to the inner realm. It will always feel more powerful and often will come in a flash, tonnes of information coming to me at once. I often get asked by people to look at a situation or set of events and see if there could be a sign of something significant in it. In my experience, it is the strong rush of feelings and meanings that come to me first, followed by the sign. The sign is the confirmation. If you find yourself having to assign meanings to the events it is very possible it is not a sign at all! This is why meditation brings clarity - it’s just you and your abilities with nothing else to distract you.

The best advice I can give is to test yourself. Firstly, try as many different ways of connecting that you can. Work with emotions one day, and then look to verify your experiences afterwards to see how accurate you were. Next, try visual cues such as placing pictures in front of you and see what images are placed in your mind (to me this always feels as if it’s appearing about 3 or 4 inches in front of my forehead). Some people get very strong physical sensations such as warmth, cold or even a buzzing feeling around them. Test as many different methods as you can.

When you learn to locate your psychic ability you will be able to switch it on for your spell work, regardless of the type of spell you are casting. You can use it to strength the spell, to seek out weaknesses (if something just doesn’t feel right) or - if other circumstances dictate that the timing is right - bring faster results. Most importantly, it’ll be a make your spell work a much more fulfilling experience for you all round.

Blessings, hope you enjoy your pancakes!

Fran xx

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy Chinese New Year!

Almost forgot, it's not just Valentine's Day but of course also the Chinese Year of the Metal Tiger today too. So it's the year to be bold, determined and go-getting. Enough of procrastination, this is the year to believe you can do whatever you want to. Have a fantastic 2010!!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Just wanted to wish you a happy, love filled day and hope you're treated like Princesses and Princes! :)


Saturday, 13 February 2010

The Complete Valentine's Series of Free Love Spells

Here are the links for the entire Valentine's series, in case you missed any!

Free Love Spells - Valentine's Series No. 1
For bringing new love into your life.

Free Love Spells - Valentine's Series No. 2
For if there is someone you like.

Free Love Spells - Valentine's Series No. 3
For the first flush of love.

Free Love Spells - Valentine's Series No. 4
For enjoying the bond in a long term relationship.

Free Love Spells - Valentine's Series No. 5
For lingering rows or relationship problems.

And discounted ingredients, for those spells that need them, can be found at in my special section! These Valentine's spells are here.

Friday, 12 February 2010

Free Love Spells - Valentine Series No. 5

This is the last of my Valentine’s love spells and is for relationships that are going through a tough time or for if you’ve had a big row. The problem or argument may well be long behind you but sometimes it is really difficult to let go and you can’t stop yourself from bringing it all back up again. This can be because the negative energies are still around you and are interfering with you being able to move on. This is not about running away from issues that need to be worked on of course, but more about liberating yourselves from something that is done and should be dusted!

So send these feelings on their way by burying them away from you. Take something that represents the feelings you’ve been having. Is it jealousy? Choose something green. A difference of opinion? Maybe cut out a picture that represents the issue. Place the object in an envelope and seal it. Say:

Our combined love is big
This problem is small
A hole I will dig
It’ll be gone once and for all!

Take the envelope into the garden or somewhere where you can bury it. As you pat the earth flat, start to allow positive thoughts come to you. If you later find your thoughts drifting back to the spot where you’ve placed these negative energies, it may be necessary to plant something nice nearby it or perform a very lively and happy ritual nearby it to replace associations. Keep working at it until you win!

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Free Love Spell - Valentine’s Series 4

If you are in a long term relationship, it doesn’t mean that you can’t join in the fun on Valentine’s Day. There are plenty of spells to strengthen the bond that you have and to bask in the happiness you’ve found. Here is a love spell to help you with expressing feelings and valuing love between you both - it helps both parties to let feelings out and to understand the other more easily.

You will need white spells candles; 1 for every year you’ve been together. If you’ve been together a long time this may not be practical! So just go for 1 for every 5 years and mark each year on the candle so you’ve still got the symbolism. You will also need paper & pen and a purse, pouch or box to keep the notes you write in.

Now it’s time for a trip down memory lane. For each year of your relationship, pick out a special event, gesture or something that made you feel happy and write it down. Let the feelings wash over you and really savour the moment. Then fold the note and place it in the purse or box. Light a candle saying:

I cherish this moment, it strengthens my love

Keep going up until the present and when your final note is done and placed in the purse, say:

My love is released
I send it to you

Place the notes in the bedroom along with the 1st and that last candle, which you will light again later on in the evening!

Fran xx

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Free Love Spells - Valentine’s Series No. 3

If you’re in the first flush of love then Valentine’s is no doubt filling you with excitement right now - so why not enjoy every minute of it?! I have a couple of simple spells to make the most of this stage in a relationship and to help prolong the buzz.

Potpourri Love Spell
The first spell is a simple potpourri of rose petals and one of the following essential oils - rose oil (VERY expensive and so you’re only likely to have some if you are really into aromatherapy), palmorosa (smells lovely), geranium (slightly less lovely smelling but excellent for bringing out femininity). Take a bowl of the rose petals and sprinkle a few drops of the oil onto it saying:

This feeling of rapture
Remain in my soul
Your heart it will capture
For in your eyes I am whole

Place the potpourri next to a radiator or somewhere warm to let the lovely aromas rise up and surround you. This is particularly perfect for if you are inviting your heart’s desire over for dinner ;)

Aphrodite Love Spell
The second spell invokes the power of the Goddess of Love herself, Aphrodite. You’ll need:

4 Red candles
Vanilla incense stick
A gift, note from your lover or something personal to him or her.

Place the candles in a row and in front of them place the incense and your personal item. Light the incense.

Then light the 1st candle and say:
Aphrodite you have blessed me
I have received your gift of love

Light the 2nd candle and say:
Aphrodite you have led me
I follow your example

Light the 3rd:
Aphrodite will you guide me,
In the ways of your allure?

And the 4th:
Aphrodite see my heart’s desire
And bind our passion further


Fran xx

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Free Love Spells - Valentine’s Series No. 2

Yesterday’s love spell was for bringing an as yet unknown love to you, but what if you already have your eye on someone? Answer: you need to intensify the attraction! For this it is common to use lodestones as they are natural magnets and will help you to focus on the connection between you, to bring it to the forefront of your minds and in turn move the whole process along.

All you’ll need is 2 lodestones, 2 pink candles, some pink rose buds and a small, shallow bowl. Some altar bowls will be ok for this but I like the abalone shell as it fits nicely in your hand and is therefore perfect for this spell.

First you will need to engrave your initial on one candle and the initial of your love interest on the other. If you are of opposite sexes, place the man’s candle to the right and the woman’s to the left - then light them. Then, very lightly crush the rose buds, just enough to release the energies. Place them in the bowl, although don’t fill it up, and put it down in front of you.

Now place the lodestones into your bowl of rosebuds, apart from one another. Now gently, with the bowl in the palm of your hand, whirl it all around in a clockwise (known as deosil) motion. This is opening up the connection between you, enabling the attraction to flourish. Say the following 3 times:

I beseech divinity
To bind our affinity
And answer my trinity

Once you’ve finished, you can add ‘mote it be’ if you prefer to have something to say to close the spell. You will see that the lodestones have been drawn together as the symbol of your attraction.

Sorry if you’ve read me talking about this before, but as always with love spells, I feel duty bound to point out that this will only open up and enable an attraction that exists. You cannot force anyone to have feelings for you when they are not there. Love spells act to unblock, to heal, to strengthen and to aid - they cannot create something out of nothing.

More tomorrow - I am thinking of reworking a spell I did some time ago that was for making the most of the spark and the passion of a new relationship!


Fran xx

Monday, 8 February 2010

Free Love Spells - Valentine’s Series!

Are you feeling all ‘loved up’? All ready for the most romantic night of the year, Valentine’s Day?! Assuming your answer is the same as everyone else’s that I’ve come across, ie. no, then I’m going to be posting some spells over the course of this week to help fan the flames of your ardour!

The tradition of Valentine’s Day goes back to Pagan times and was named Lupercalia by the Romans. You won’t be surprised to know that it was a fertility celebration and ran from 13th to 15th February. Its focus was spring, young love and match-making.

My first love spell, therefore, is going to be a simple spring flower charm that I think is in keeping with the Pagan origins. It’s for when you are wanting to bring a new love into your life rather than strengthening an existing one.

All you’ll need is a small bunch of spring flowers (such as daffodils or crocuses), some blue poppy seeds and white ribbon. The white ribbon is for you to tie the flowers together with, which you can do before you get started.

Gently grind the poppy seeds (you only need the tiniest amount, say 3 or 4 seeds) and then sprinkle the dust over the flowers, saying:

O flowers of spring
Be my guide

What love will you bring?

To make me a bride!

Keep the flowers with you all day, be it in your home, work place or bringing them for a ride in the car! Be particularly aware of connections that you make during the day - people that you meet or friends of friends that are discussed. This little charm will help you draw in love possibilities - it’s then up to you get wooing ;)

Fran xx

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Blessed Imbolc! Here Are 5 Imbolc Facts...

  1. Imbolc can be translated as 'in the belly' as it was celebrated to mark the beginning of the lambing season. The ewes were starting to lactate in readiness.
  2. The Goddess associated with Imbolc is Brigid/Brigit who is a solar deity and therefore brings the qualities of light and fire. To honour her, it was traditional to keep the hearth alight all day and carry candles.
  3. Imbolc is a fertility festival and girls made corn dolls to please Brigid, laying them on a white bed and asking the villagers to offer gifts. If Brigid was sufficiently pleased, she would send the first signs of spring and the young ladies hoped their dream man would come along next!
  4. Songs, dancing and poetry played a big part of the merry making.
  5. Cleaning and preparations for spring began in earnest.

Blessed Imbolc & may Brigid answer your prayers!