Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Free Love Spells - Valentine’s Series No. 2

Yesterday’s love spell was for bringing an as yet unknown love to you, but what if you already have your eye on someone? Answer: you need to intensify the attraction! For this it is common to use lodestones as they are natural magnets and will help you to focus on the connection between you, to bring it to the forefront of your minds and in turn move the whole process along.

All you’ll need is 2 lodestones, 2 pink candles, some pink rose buds and a small, shallow bowl. Some altar bowls will be ok for this but I like the abalone shell as it fits nicely in your hand and is therefore perfect for this spell.

First you will need to engrave your initial on one candle and the initial of your love interest on the other. If you are of opposite sexes, place the man’s candle to the right and the woman’s to the left - then light them. Then, very lightly crush the rose buds, just enough to release the energies. Place them in the bowl, although don’t fill it up, and put it down in front of you.

Now place the lodestones into your bowl of rosebuds, apart from one another. Now gently, with the bowl in the palm of your hand, whirl it all around in a clockwise (known as deosil) motion. This is opening up the connection between you, enabling the attraction to flourish. Say the following 3 times:

I beseech divinity
To bind our affinity
And answer my trinity

Once you’ve finished, you can add ‘mote it be’ if you prefer to have something to say to close the spell. You will see that the lodestones have been drawn together as the symbol of your attraction.

Sorry if you’ve read me talking about this before, but as always with love spells, I feel duty bound to point out that this will only open up and enable an attraction that exists. You cannot force anyone to have feelings for you when they are not there. Love spells act to unblock, to heal, to strengthen and to aid - they cannot create something out of nothing.

More tomorrow - I am thinking of reworking a spell I did some time ago that was for making the most of the spark and the passion of a new relationship!


Fran xx

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