Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Psychic Energies in Witchcraft

I wanted to touch upon a subject that I feel is possibly a little overlooked in witchcraft and spell work, or even more possibly assumed that the reader already knows about. But it was something that I didn’t really fathom until I’d been working with spells for a while. Maybe I’m just slow to catch on!

I work with tarot cards and have had psychic experiences since I was a child. But when I started to do spells, I struggled to connect with the necessary energies and everything felt a little flat. I realise now (much like when I was searching for my passport last week) that I was searching in the wrong place - that I had an in fact had already developed all I needed but wasn’t utilising it.

I believe that everyone is psychic to one degree or another and it is just a matter of tapping into how you are able to channel or express these energies. My strongest area is to go on instinct and work with emotions. I know others who are very visual and get images sent to them. The key factor is to recognise what is happening to you for what it is. You need to try and stop fears or your worries of the moment taking over as these can make you feel that your psychic senses are on alert when in fact you are just very emotional.

My psychic energies feel to me to be coming from a different place. I can almost locate the area of my brain that has leapt into action. If I then tune into this and concentrate I can feel like I am in a totally different state of being. By working with it as much as possible and testing myself I have now built up faith in my abilities.

So how can you develop this yourself and use it in your witchcraft?

Principally, practise. I use meditation to clear the mind of all distractions so that I can connect to the inner realm. It will always feel more powerful and often will come in a flash, tonnes of information coming to me at once. I often get asked by people to look at a situation or set of events and see if there could be a sign of something significant in it. In my experience, it is the strong rush of feelings and meanings that come to me first, followed by the sign. The sign is the confirmation. If you find yourself having to assign meanings to the events it is very possible it is not a sign at all! This is why meditation brings clarity - it’s just you and your abilities with nothing else to distract you.

The best advice I can give is to test yourself. Firstly, try as many different ways of connecting that you can. Work with emotions one day, and then look to verify your experiences afterwards to see how accurate you were. Next, try visual cues such as placing pictures in front of you and see what images are placed in your mind (to me this always feels as if it’s appearing about 3 or 4 inches in front of my forehead). Some people get very strong physical sensations such as warmth, cold or even a buzzing feeling around them. Test as many different methods as you can.

When you learn to locate your psychic ability you will be able to switch it on for your spell work, regardless of the type of spell you are casting. You can use it to strength the spell, to seek out weaknesses (if something just doesn’t feel right) or - if other circumstances dictate that the timing is right - bring faster results. Most importantly, it’ll be a make your spell work a much more fulfilling experience for you all round.

Blessings, hope you enjoy your pancakes!

Fran xx

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