Monday, 28 February 2011

Ostara Events, 2011. Ostara Fest, TX

I thought I might post details of up-and-coming Ostara events as I find them just in case there is one local to you and you want to pop along. Here's one in Harker Heights, Texas on March 19-20th. Check out here for details of their Ostara Fest and workshops! (And they have bouncing bunnies on their website.)

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Casting witchcraft spells and the importance of confidence

I mentioned yesterday (I think it was yesterday!) that I had had someone comment on the blog regarding starting out in witchcraft and she brought up some excellent points on how it can make you feel in the early days. Here's part of what she asked me about:
"I have yet to cast a successful spell. I haven't tried tons, but I have tried many. I am starting to think I am just a regular person, eventhough I feel now more than ever that I have natural witch abilities. "
I can TOTALLY relate to every word! You begin by being so excited in your new found quest and then so quickly lose faith in yourself when you don't see a smidgen of success. This starts a downward spiral - whenever you do a spell, you don't expect it to work and when you don't expect it to, it won't. I always felt casting a successful spell was like trying to jump on to a carousel while it's still going round - I had no idea when it started or what was powering it, I just wanted to be onboard and couldn't quite make the leap!

But are there many other statements in life more irritating than, "you should have more confidence"? Where on earth are you supposed to just pull a load of confidence out of?! It's too simplistic to be of much use but on the other hand, you know deep down that it's the key.

So what can you do to gain some much needed confidence in your spell craft? Well, one suggestion I can offer you is to not actually focus on spells. It's so hard to describe the feeling that you get when you know you are tuning in to the right energies during a spell. It just feels right and there is a sense of momentum within and around you. So instead of trying to cast spells that require results, try to find other ways to pick up on this energy. Here are some methods that you might like to try (but it's as ever, a totally individual matter):
  • Meditate. Once you clear your mind you will be surprised at what you pick up on that's around you. It can be inner guidance coming into your conscious mind, it may be images that flash before your eyes or it may just help you relax enough to work better. I almost always meditate or do yoga before a spell.
  • Divination. I also do tarot cards, crystal balls readings and work with a pendulum. These are great to use as you get used to your own internal energies while using external tools - it therefore gives you something to focus on and can be a prop to your confidence at first. The more you practise, the more you will recognise when you are tuning into something deeper. I find I get more psychic dreams the more I do in this field which can bring you excellent advice!
  • Allow nature to help you. I also find that beginners (myself included) tend to get wrapped up in the self and forget that witchcraft/Wicca/Paganism is about being at one with the world around you and that we are all connecting with universal energies. Take yourself somewhere quiet outside and, without any pressure to acheive anything, just allow yourself to be at one with your surroundings.
  • Follow your gut instincts with spells. Another one that's easier said than done isn't it? But be honest with yourself; how often has something come to you that you have ignored and just steamed ahead with what you had planned to do? You'll be surprised at the difference in how the spell starts to feel when you follow those little niggling feelings.
Hope this gives you some food for thought. If anyone has find other ways to find your witchy mojo then please do share them!

Love and hugs. x

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Beginner Witchcraft

Thank you to the kind commenter the other day that bought up how difficult it is to start off in witchcraft. It can make you despondant and even like giving up so I would like to focus on this soon as maybe a mini series. But for now, I can direct you towards an article I wrote called Beginner Witchcraft for a few pointers to help you cross those initial, difficult hurdles.

Hope it helps. Blessings xxx

Sunday, 20 February 2011

If you want a warm and fuzzy feeling inside watch this...

Celestial Elf posted this beautiful Ostara video in the comments section on the blog and I felt I just had to share it with all, in case you didn't get to see it. If you can resist falling into a state of peaceful tranquility then there must be something wrong with you ;)

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Valentine's hot passion free spell!

A lot about Valentine's day is meant to be secretive; you hold back on your name and affections for the frisson of excitement of knowing your loved one has recieved a token of your desire for them. This is all hopeful and charming but what about when you want to unleash the passion!? As it happens I have a little spell to give it a nudge in the right direction.

You will need:
2 red candles
Dried, crushed chillies

Place the 2 candles on a large plate or even in your cauldron if it's big enough. This is mainly to create a safe enough environment for a little fire based spell so give this some consideration when setting everything up. Light your candles and say:

Let my love roam free
And may passion ignite

May your love be with me

And our union see light

Then take the chillies and sprinkle over the candle flame to spark off the romance!

The fresher the chillies, by the way, the more I find that they light up. If you find they don't, then you can consider putting the flakes in a bowl and lighting them this way. Personally, there's something about the smell that I find genuinely comforting.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Pagan Festivals 2011

It's occured to me that I have not yet posted a list of the Pagan festivals of 2011 so thought I best rectify this! So here's when to plan for fun in your diaries:

Imbolc (been and gone) - 2nd February

Ostara - 20th March

Beltane - 1st May

Litha - 21st June

Lammas/Lughnasadh - 1st August

Mabon - 23rd September

Samhain - 31st October

Yule - 21st December

Now THAT's got me motivated!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Happy Imbolc

Last year I didn't have much time to do anything for Imbolc and chastised myself for always letting this festival slide. I guess I'm going to have to chastise myself again this year too! I don't know what it is about the beginnings of February but it seems so hectic. I suppose we spend a lot of January getting over the shock of Christmas and build up momentum again by the end of the month. Who knows, but I have had hardly any time to prepare anything and for that I am truly sorry.

However, in honour of the Goddess of Brigid (the Goddess associated with Imbolc) I have plans to focus this evening on some sketching and some tarot reading. The sketching comes from her association with creativity and the arts - letting inspiration come forth. Divination is also one of her strengths and so I want to focus on a tarot reading to take me into spring and guide me towards the best choices and options for me.

If you have anyone that you feel is a little weakened in any way at this time, don't forget that Brigid is also a Goddess of healing and so you can meditate for however long you can spare and send some thoughts of love and kindness their way. It's surprising how often they can feel lifted without ever knowing you have thought of them :)

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing for this special day, have the happiest and most blessed Imbolc! Love and hugs xxx