Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Valentine's hot passion free spell!

A lot about Valentine's day is meant to be secretive; you hold back on your name and affections for the frisson of excitement of knowing your loved one has recieved a token of your desire for them. This is all hopeful and charming but what about when you want to unleash the passion!? As it happens I have a little spell to give it a nudge in the right direction.

You will need:
2 red candles
Dried, crushed chillies

Place the 2 candles on a large plate or even in your cauldron if it's big enough. This is mainly to create a safe enough environment for a little fire based spell so give this some consideration when setting everything up. Light your candles and say:

Let my love roam free
And may passion ignite

May your love be with me

And our union see light

Then take the chillies and sprinkle over the candle flame to spark off the romance!

The fresher the chillies, by the way, the more I find that they light up. If you find they don't, then you can consider putting the flakes in a bowl and lighting them this way. Personally, there's something about the smell that I find genuinely comforting.


  1. Hi Fran, I read your traits of being a natural witch and I am here because I have a question. I wanted to know if casting spells and practising magic takes a lot of trial and error. I have yet to cast a successful spell. I haven't tried tons, but I have tried many. I am starting to think I am just a regular person, eventhough I feel now more than ever that I have natural witch abilities.

  2. Hello there, thank you so much for your question - it's a really important one. Actually. I may do a more comprehensive post on this when I can.

    But firstly, if you feel you are not getting anywhere, take a step back. Try the basics again and see if you can get small results with simple spells. I find it's much easier see success in spells when I have lower expectations ironically, so being relaxed is pretty important.

    Also, look wider for your results. The universe is a weird and wonderful place! But it has no customer service dept to speak of ;) we don't always get exactly what we hope for and request. I've actually had to have other people point out where I've got something right!

    Don't be afraid to repeat spells too. Give it a bit of time and then try again to up the energies that you are projecting out there.

    Lastly, I would urge you (if you are not already) to try giving something away or making gestures that help others. Balance is one of the most important forces in our universe and I find it makes a difference - even if it's something simple like popping a few coins in the charity box. Anything you can manage :)

    Hope this helps. xx

  3. Fran I have a question as well. Me and my bf of 7 months hav been havin issues sexually it's as if he's not attracted to me like he used to be. Is there any advice or spells you may recommend to rekindle that passion and romance I live him and he kinda saved my life PLz help and I don't want to be doin harm in this either