Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Beginner Witchcraft

Thank you to the kind commenter the other day that bought up how difficult it is to start off in witchcraft. It can make you despondant and even like giving up so I would like to focus on this soon as maybe a mini series. But for now, I can direct you towards an article I wrote called Beginner Witchcraft for a few pointers to help you cross those initial, difficult hurdles.

Hope it helps. Blessings xxx


  1. Magic DOES NOT involve rhyming words, charm's, incense, or any of this foolishness! True it can help. Only due to the fact that it reinforces your BELIEF! Beginners Witchcraf

  2. Hmm, not sure what to make of this comment! I'm pretty sure that calling what works for others "foolishness" is neither correct nor, to be honest, terribly kind!

    But I don't think many believe that it is the tools that are providing the magic. Everyone who practices, and has done for any length of time, will know that it's all about finding as many ways to tap into something that is both within and around you. Why can't that be incense or charms? Incense represents air to many, it's a tradition. What's wrong with that?

    If there is one thing that that I wholeheartedly believe in is that Wicca/witchcraft is beautiful because it is liberating and personal. It does not impose restrictions and rules as found in other religions. It's intuitive and about learning.

    Please, let's not all start saying what it does and does not involve!!