Thursday, 4 March 2010

Frosty Spell - Chills and Thrills!

First we had the snow, then the rain - and now it's back to being cold, so the morning's are crisp and frosty! I adore the sparkly, sharp beauty of the frost and always take a moment to enjoy it. Here's a little incantation to do quickly as you start your walk to work or to defrost the car. It's about embracing the simple pleasures, the childlike thrill at seeing something a little out of the ordinary! Open yourself up to these feelings. The more practised you get at them, the more they enrich your life. And who doesn't need that?! But seriously, these energies are more precious than you think and you'd be surprised at how you can use them.

Behold the frost
As it grips the day

The ground is glossed

And on it I play!
Sparkles and twinkles and shimmering delights

Magic around me from the elves and the sprites!

If I'm walking I like to find a frost covered leaf to carry with me as it's nice to feel like I have a part of this mini 'event' in my hand.


  1. do you have any sort of calming spells? because i do many breathing exercises and they just don't work, im sick of over reacting to the stupidest things i need help but i don't know what to do... can you please help me?

  2. do u have a spell for flying

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