Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Mini Free Spells Series - The Romance Smile Spell

I am in an incredibly upbeat mood today! So it rained briefly today. So I happened to choose that moment to be out shopping! The rest of the day has been glorious, the daffodils are now out in force (my current obsession) and I managed to get loads done today so I consider it proof that my Ostara spell is kicking in and I'm, quite literally, full of the joys of spring. 

It occurred to me earlier that a lot of the free spells on the blog of late have been about general energies - designed to try and provide a bit of pep when you're feeling decidedly lackluster. So, I'm going to put together a mini series of free spells for the little things. Spells that I use to to get me through the day or provide a bit help for specific problems. If you have ANY requests, please feel free to let me know :)

The reason I don't generally include too many of these spells is that I'm more a fan of the big picture in spell casting. If you are too specific I feel you miss out on the chance of greater wisdom guiding you in the right direction. What we want is not always what we really need. 

However, sometimes we DO know because the issue is right in front of us! So, my first spell is what I call the Romance Smile Spell. Use it for someone special or even for when you're walking down the street - if you're lucky you may even get a wink ;)

Carry a heart with you, something like a rose quartz heart is perfect but it can be a piece of jewelry such as a heart pendant. 

Your eyes venture my way
I aim to beguile
I treasure what you convey
And capture your smile!

Fran xx

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