Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Free Spell: And the rain rain rain came down down down!

I'm getting a little tired of the incessant rain at the moment as it's nigh on impossible to pop out anywhere and not take the car - and I'm a MASSIVE fan of walking :)

However, I love using the energies of rain in spells because I like the cleansing feel that it has. It's a good time to try to shed feelings that you are hanging onto or to aim for a fresh start. I have quite a few rain spells but here's a general one that you can either use to bring about some new beginnings or for if you want to adapt it.

The rain comes to cleanse
And bring vigor to life
A time for amends
Reverse all my strife

I can transform and grow
In a direction that's new
Like water I'll flow
And restrictions I pass through

Begone old emotions
That do me no good
Begone foolish notions
Let me be what I should!

The best time and place for this spell is sat in front of a window looking out at the rain or even, if you can, sat under a shelter outside. Have a listen to that wonderful sound of the constant patter of the raindrops on the window or roof - it'll really get you in the right mood!

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Seraphimia: The infamous Crowley still stirring up trouble

Seraphimia: The infamous Crowley still stirring up trouble: "Image via WikipediaI've been rather absent from this blog recently and not simply because of my 101 project keeping me occupied, I've also ..."

Above is a thought provoking blog post from Seraphimia that I wanted to share. It raises some great questions about the nature of faith, beliefs and religion in general. I felt a little sad reading it as I thought of all the leaders and figure heads of religion who are drawn to the power (she talks of Aleister Crowley in particular), leaving all the goodness and dignity to the 'followers'. I hope Seraphimia is strengthened by her time of reflection :)

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Free Spell: Birthday spell

A birthday spell can be a lovely treat to send to someone that you love and care about on their special day. You don't even need to share with them that you've done it - but more people are charmed than not by a little wish sent their way.

I find the best way to make a birthday spell 'sparkle' a bit is to make it as personal as possible. So if you know that the birthday girl or boy wants to travel this year, that they want to find love, that they need a bit of luck in a particular area, then include this for them.

Otherwise, I work on a basic spell I did for my best friend a few years ago. Feel free to adapt!

A birthday wish that's special to you
Is being sent this day
The turn of the year, the seasons it brings
May it assist you to find your own way

A year that will count
A year that will change
A year that will bloom
A year that will conquer
Be blessed and welcome all you deserve!

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Free Spell: Shaking off the blahs!

Today has been one of those days where you feel a bit low and in need of a bit of comforting. No particular reason, I've just been finding it hard to shake off a feeling of the blahs! So I have done a little spell this afternoon to help bring a little joy and positivity back into my soul. It doesn't take much but has lifted my spirits and therefore done the job :)

I find that I gravitate towards nature when I'm not feeling quite like myself. The beauty and calm helps me to reconnect and sharpens my perspective when it comes to what's important in my life. So I took myself off to a local country park and after a short stroll, chose a quiet and pretty spot to sit down on the grass. (And yes, I did get a bit of a damp backside but that's nature for you!) These are the words that have meaning to me, I say them to myself while I close my eyes:

Gloom begone
You cover my spirit
It's to nature I belong
And the lifeforce within it

I am creativity, I am peace
I am balance and motion
And so as dark turns to light
So too will this emotion

(Take a deep breath in)
I  am now released and can move on

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Witchcraft: Invoking the element of fire

This is a post for Chet who very kindly commented on the blog last week and said how she'd like to invoke the universal elements and, after speaking to her on Twitter, she expressed a particular interest in fire. I'm not surprised - I think it's the one we all feel drawn to!

For me, the fire element can be so many disparate things. It's comforting when it's an open fire, it's relaxing when it's a candle flame and yet it's terrifying and destructive when it's raging and out of control. It is important, I feel, to understand fire in all its complexity so that you can get to a point where you can recognise it (and are not surprised!) when invoking its energies in all its forms. The reason for this is that calling upon the fire element (or in fact any element or energy) isn't about summoning it and expecting it to work away in the background for you! It's about feeling it, merging energies and being totally aware of its presence as you would an old friend or work partner.

So the first point I would like to share with you is to try to find common ground with the fire element. Think about the characteristics of fire - the passion, the ferocity, the intense light that becomes softer towards the outside. Think of its playful side, the way flames dance and crackle. Think of its focus and determination as it burns through materials and how it can clear away and make way for the new. Spend some time thinking about your own personality as you'll be much more efficient at working with fire when you can see it as a like-minded soul.

I initially found it very helpful to put candles out for a week or so, taking the time to absorb the movements and feel of the flame and heat. It's about trying to see fire in a new light and to become totally comfortable in its presence. Pay particular attention to any feelings you get. These will likely be your psychic connection to fire starting to open up and one that you will feel again. The more familiar you become, the easier it will be to get it to work with you.

Don't try to focus merely on the power aspect of the fire element - this will be viewed as self serving, and remember how fire can burn! You should be aiming to show respect and humility and offer an invitation for fire to come assist you. Remember that you have no right to fire's assistance. This can be done by leaving a gift, either in the shape of a token of your appreciation (anything from a crystal to honey is acceptable) or in sending a promise to the universe that you will do a good deed for someone else when you can. Just make sure you do!

Another 'don't' point - but don't see fire as something that's exclusively magickal. It's real in the physical sense too and its energies are real. You may be using other senses to tune into its character and to feel its presence around you and it can distract you and make you focus on thes aspects alone. Keep taking a step back and looking at the fire element in its entirety.

Fire is also associated with pointing south. You don't necessarily have to face south when casting a fire spell but you may want to leave a small token at a south facing point to you when you are set to cast a spell. Placing a lit candle is good.

My last point for you to consider is that the creatures of fire are the legendary salamanders. These are not quite the same as the lizards but the associations are helpful. Think of the quick movements, the tremendous survival skills and the slightly fearful respect we generally treat them with! If it helps you to focus on something that feels more solid and real, then by all means do so.

Right, so what does this all mean in practise? Here's what I recommend you do:

  • Spend a week lighting a candle or candles in the evening and watch them in a medititive state. Write notes of the feelings and thoughts that come to you and look for patterns.
  • Over this time, select a simple spell. Make it something that you will be able to repeat a few times over. Something like helping you get past stress or building confidence. I pick these because they are spells that don't suffer from keeping the energies topped up! You do, in general, need to be careful of repeating spells over and over.
  • Set up a basic altar or a space where you want to work from. Candles are of course a must but also decorate with symbols that you feel will conjure the feelings and associations you have been working on (I've got some sun representations that I'm really attached to). If you have written a statement of intent for your spell, make sure you've got a cauldron or fire-proof bowl to burn it into safely. If you are burning herbs, same applies.
  • Cast your spell and pay attention to the feelings you experience. If it feels a bit flat, make a note of this and tweak your spell to include more fire qualities at the right moments. If you've experienced fire as vibrant and want this for your spell, then think of words that capture this - 'crackle'', sparkle', 'zest'. Dance and sing if you want to! Same goes for if you want it to be soothing etc. Always connect.
  • Repeat the spell a few times to see if you experience changes in the way it feels. Also, remember that witchcraft is a craft, it takes practise.
  • Don't forget to thank fire for its help. It's more likely to want to come back and help you again if you do :)
Hope this helps. This is by no means the exhaustive and definitive list of what it takes to invoke the fire element. It is a personal experience and journey. Therefore everyone has a different approach. So if you have any other questions or want to ask about a particular point that I've raised, please do leave me a comment!