Friday, 27 November 2009

Smudging Your Home

I’ve got quite a big project coming up soon and so I am planning to do some cleansing of the house this weekend. Not cleaning (although unfortunately this needs doing to) but more specifically smudging to clear and ‘reset’ the energies around me. I have a little ritual of my own for this so thought I would share it.

I prefer to put the focus on safety and feeling comfortable as I’m of the opinion that if you feel your home is your haven then you can pretty much do anything there!

I use the traditional sage smudge stick, incense such as frankincense or good old lavender, which goes so well with sage, and also some blue crystals, such as blue lace agate (why is explained below). I use the sage in order to open up the energies and it’s actually the incense that I’m using for cleansing and protection. Light the incense first and let it burn in the heart of your home. Then light the smudge stick and quickly cleanse yourself by letting the smoke surround you. Then walk slowly (don’t waft the smoke too much, let it carry itself and follow its own route) around the house saying:

Safe and sound
My home is bound

By energies strong and pure

Within is purified
Renewed and restored
My heart, my spirit is secure

You can say this once or repeat it in every room, it’s up to you. As I go, I like to place a crystal by a window or any doors to the outside. The reason I pick a light blue is that once I’m done, I place the smudge stick in a shell bowl and then meditate next to it. While I do this I picture my home with a light blue protective field around it. Having cleansed it, I now want to ensure that negative energies are kept at bay.

After that, the success of my project is up to me!!