Sunday, 29 November 2009

The Tao of Witchcraft?

Do you have an idea in your mind of what witchcraft means to you? It’s a surprisingly difficult one to answer isn’t it? While there is history behind it, a religion in the shape of Wicca and stereotypes that abound it’s very difficult to pinpoint what it means, both as a way of life to the thousands who make this choice and also on a personal level. Each and every witch will practise in his/her own unique way. To most witchcraft is love, energy, respect, the divine universe, giving and receiving, change and acceptance - spell casting encompasses all or some of these at any one time.

I cannot help by find myself reminded of Taoism - which I sometimes feel possibly alone in, there's not too many others that seem to mention it! But bear with me as I find it helps my spell work immensely, gives an added dimension to what witchcraft can bring to my life and generally makes my life more fun and sometimes effortless. Got your attention now?!

For those who are not familiar, Taoism is a set of ancient Chinese philosophies. The most relevant principles to me are:

Tao - means the flow of the universe, the way, that which keeps the natural order and maintains balance.
Te - power without ego
P’U - the uncarved block, simplicity
Wu Wei - without action, allowing the flow to make things happen.

I use these principles all the time to enhance my spell work. Having trouble getting a spell to work? Maybe it’s not meant to be. Writing an important spell but find it’s so complex I can hardly understand it any more?? Go back to the uncarved block. And always, ALWAYS, work with the universe - go with the flow. The principles complement witchcraft perfectly and I love that witchcraft is flexible and inclusive enough for me to work with the two together.

Life means work, your rewards are a sense of purpose. But witchcraft and spell casting gives you the perfect chance to explore beauty, play and draw to you what you wish for in life without having to scratch around and scramble in the rat race to do so.

For those that want an easily accessible introduction by the way, try these 2 ADORABLE books, which is another surprising combination - Taoism and Winnie the Pooh! Tao of Pooh and The Te of Piglet
- and in fact I’ve just discovered they come together (wish I’d known that!) Tao of Pooh and Te of Piglet Boxed Set

I cannot recommend a better boost to your mood!

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