Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Happy Imbolc

Last year I didn't have much time to do anything for Imbolc and chastised myself for always letting this festival slide. I guess I'm going to have to chastise myself again this year too! I don't know what it is about the beginnings of February but it seems so hectic. I suppose we spend a lot of January getting over the shock of Christmas and build up momentum again by the end of the month. Who knows, but I have had hardly any time to prepare anything and for that I am truly sorry.

However, in honour of the Goddess of Brigid (the Goddess associated with Imbolc) I have plans to focus this evening on some sketching and some tarot reading. The sketching comes from her association with creativity and the arts - letting inspiration come forth. Divination is also one of her strengths and so I want to focus on a tarot reading to take me into spring and guide me towards the best choices and options for me.

If you have anyone that you feel is a little weakened in any way at this time, don't forget that Brigid is also a Goddess of healing and so you can meditate for however long you can spare and send some thoughts of love and kindness their way. It's surprising how often they can feel lifted without ever knowing you have thought of them :)

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing for this special day, have the happiest and most blessed Imbolc! Love and hugs xxx



  1. Beautiful Post..
    Following Imbolc soon comes Ostara
    & I thought you might like my Eostre/Equinox machinima with Lisa Thiel's lovely Ostara song
    bright blessings ~

  2. Wow, that's so lovely! I'm going to put it on the main blog. Should get me in the spirit of Ostara!