Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Free Love Spells - Valentine’s Series No. 3

If you’re in the first flush of love then Valentine’s is no doubt filling you with excitement right now - so why not enjoy every minute of it?! I have a couple of simple spells to make the most of this stage in a relationship and to help prolong the buzz.

Potpourri Love Spell
The first spell is a simple potpourri of rose petals and one of the following essential oils - rose oil (VERY expensive and so you’re only likely to have some if you are really into aromatherapy), palmorosa (smells lovely), geranium (slightly less lovely smelling but excellent for bringing out femininity). Take a bowl of the rose petals and sprinkle a few drops of the oil onto it saying:

This feeling of rapture
Remain in my soul
Your heart it will capture
For in your eyes I am whole

Place the potpourri next to a radiator or somewhere warm to let the lovely aromas rise up and surround you. This is particularly perfect for if you are inviting your heart’s desire over for dinner ;)

Aphrodite Love Spell
The second spell invokes the power of the Goddess of Love herself, Aphrodite. You’ll need:

4 Red candles
Vanilla incense stick
A gift, note from your lover or something personal to him or her.

Place the candles in a row and in front of them place the incense and your personal item. Light the incense.

Then light the 1st candle and say:
Aphrodite you have blessed me
I have received your gift of love

Light the 2nd candle and say:
Aphrodite you have led me
I follow your example

Light the 3rd:
Aphrodite will you guide me,
In the ways of your allure?

And the 4th:
Aphrodite see my heart’s desire
And bind our passion further


Fran xx

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