Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Portrayals of witchcraft and girl power!

This article on witchcraft in films seems to have upset a few of the commenters, but I must admit, I didn't find anything to be too angry about. It wasn't very factual but it is more of a film review after all! Those who care to know the facts about witchcraft and spells will, I'm sure, go elsewhere for their info. Why, this blog itself may help lol!

But I do happen to agree with the idea that witchcraft has increased in its appeal due to a burgeoning sense of power and respect both for and within women themselves. The power, traditionally speaking, that women seek is for fairness, justice, to help others and to fight back oppression. It's not lust for destruction, it's for creation and happiness. So I can see why witchcraft helps cinema to portray this side of women. 

Of course, the spells and magick element are ridiculous. But I actually don't see the harm it it for the most part. I enjoy the excitement that a little fantasy brings and because it's of personal interest to me, I enjoy indulging in their version of what I might secretly like to do myself! I'm talking nice things only of course, I have no secret desires to turn anyone into a frog ;)

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