Friday, 23 July 2010

Free Spell - Rosemary and self esteem

When you've been busier than a busy thing, there's only one thing you can do - get busy! Alas, this has taken me away from my beloved blog lately but I'm still trying to think of ideas - guides to spells for beginners, Lammas etc. 

So while I've got 5 minutes, I wanted to quickly post a quick free spell while I'm here! I have been working with someone who can be a little draining on other's energies, particularly by being unnecessarily critical. While I don't really take on board what she says, because I am hearing a lot of these comments, it can be quite wearing and the repetitiveness of them may put my self esteem in danger of being knocked. 

So I have been carrying an home-made pouch of rosemary with me to ward off any potential harm. I love rosemary for protection. I must warn you that you only need a small amount though, and I've been keeping mine tucked away in my bag or drawer. You don't really want people thinking you smell of strange herbs! 

You can wrap some dried rosemary in just about anything (tights/pantyhose/stockings will do!) and then give it a little blessing:

My soul is secure
My strengths are preserved
The real me will endure
I will receive what's deserved

Pocket your pouch and keep it with you or around when needed for the rest of the day. If you need it again the next, or another day, then make sure you make a fresh pouch up. Burn the existing rosemary or scatter it outside. I like to say:

Today's woes BEGONE!


  1. Hey Fran. I'd really apprecite it if you emailed me, I'd like to learn some more about spells and such. Like elemental things. Email me Thanks.

  2. Hello there! I don't really do personal correspondance in this way which is largely down to the fact that I don't have to time to commit to doing a proper job of it!

    Howevever, if there is anything you wanted to ask me about then I can certainly look at this for you and write a post about it. So just post me anything that's on your mind :)

    Fran xx

  3. Well could you post some in depth stuff on Invoking the Elements. Thanks.

  4. I certainly can - let me work on it over the next few weeks. :)

  5. why would someone give me rosemary and bluebonnets in a bottle of water?