Monday, 18 May 2009

Free Spells - Spells From the Real Book of Shadows

I have been researching the concept of spells from the real book of shadows recently. This has got me thinking of how important it is to get the balance right between learning from others and creating and forging your own path in your quest to become the best witch you can be.

To briefly cover what I mean by spells from the real book of shadows - it is believed that there is an ancient text that contains old and powerful spells that can be used to great effect by the modern witch. Rather than relying on their own training and expertise, some people believe they can dip into this book and glean enough material to become powerful. Others are simply interested in finding a rich source of new ideas. So - hence the interest in spells from the real book of shadows!

Of course, it is not as cut and dried as all that. For starters, such a book does not exist in one single opus. But while such a book cannot be found, there are undoubtedly ancient spells and, very importantly, spells handed down through the generations. So the wisdom of our forbearers most definitely lives on.

So where does the balance lie? I believe it is in the meticulous use of your own, personal book of shadows. Keeping a record of the spells you perform and any effects and observations is absolutely critical and should not ever be underestimated. You can write the spells yourself or you can use another’s spell (one from my blog here is fine!) - but you should always ultimately be relying on your inner powers and instincts to adapt and learn. Note everything down in your book of shadows for future reference. If we all work together and share, one day future generations may be using spells from the real book of shadows - as written by US!

Loving blessings!

Fran x

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