Thursday, 22 October 2009

How To Plan Your Witch's Festivals

I wanted to post something today on the processes of creating your own ritual/spell for an occasion or festival. This can seem bit overwhelming at first and I can remember how much I worried initially about getting it right. However, it really couldn’t be more fun!! Here are some important points to get you started:

1) Read up on the festival to look at the traditions. Is it a Pagan Fire Festival for example? Then you will want to include candles, fire spells or even a bonfire in your spell/ritual.

2) What has been happening in your life over the last few months? Have things been going well? If so, give something back and centre your spell on something general such as peace and goodwill, prepare a gift for someone or even plant something in your garden. It’s nice to top up the energies once in a while!

3) Have things not been going so well? Then you may need a little extra help from the universal elements and there’s nothing wrong with that! But don’t try to cram everything into one spell. Work out where you need the help most (ie. love) and make that your focal point.

4) After 2 and 3, decide how you incorporate your general direction back into the main themes of the festival. I find it’s worth it to do this every so often in my planning to make sure I don’t veer to far from the traditions.

5) Most Pagan festivals will of course be based on the seasons already but think about the colours you can include, ingredients for your spells that are relevant to the time of year (leaves, acorns, petals etc.) or how to use the light of darkness of the evenings.

6) It is a large part of many Wiccan traditions to focus celebrations around honouring a God or Goddess so for example, at Samhain you can focus on the horned God or at Imbolc, the Goddess Brigid.

7) It is also ok to break things down time wise if you don’t feel you’re going to be able to do something for the whole evening. I very often decide to split up my day with a 5 minute incantation in the morning, taking a walk at lunch to collect ingredients and then a simple spell with a specially laid out altar in the evening. It doesn’t always have to be a big affair!

8) Last but not least, every festival has a feast at the heart of it. If you are able to, invite friends or family over and just have a great time!

So, what’s stopping you - go get started!

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