Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Are You Familiar With the Power of the Mind?

I am currently working on my Samhain celebration ritual and am, I’m afraid to say not for the first time, getting carried away with the idea of getting a cat. I don’t know why I always get more of an urge this time of year but I guess it’s something to do with all of the stereotypical images of the black familiar you see everywhere!

It turns out, my idle thoughts may have brought me more than I bargained for. Seeing as I figured I was unlikely to be organised enough, or have enough free time, to go and buy one I commented that I was going to have to just befriend one while out. Since then, I have been inundated! Cats have followed me home, a favourite of mine amongst them has been hanging around my front door - I‘ve got more feline friends than you can shake a stick at!

Another reminder for me to be careful what you wish for :)

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